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Welcome to the
Shiptest 13 Wiki.

Assistant on ship.png New here? Check out the Beginners Guide, The history of SS13, and the FAQ page!

If you find a bug, we also have a bug tracker at

Our server is accessible by going to, although the server is not always up. (See when the server goes up on our discord server or at our status page!)

Id regular.png Jobs and Roles

Learn how to fulfill your purpose right and proper.

Book1.png Guides
Checklists for almost anything.


Get the good stuff hidden behind wires and doors.

Shockwarning.png Construction

Build all the stuff you never knew how to.

Bottled ship.png Ships

Includes maps of all the ships and their special conditions.

RigHelmet.png Piloting and the Overmap

Piloting for beginners.

BlueToolbox.png Objects

Long and fulfilling glossaries of in-game objects.

Lawbook.png Rules

Learn how to not get banned.