BYO-class-Do-It-Yourself Enthusiast Special

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BYO-class Do-It-Yourself Enthusiast Special
Basic Information
Short Name: BYO-class
Manufacturer: N/A
Faction: Independent
Crew Size: 9
Propulsion: N/A (Includes Plasma/Ion circuits)
Buyable: Yes

  • Comes with a lot of resources, not a whole lot of ship

"Despite the attempts to catalogue every ship, it is almost impossible to do so, as some vessel captains opt to build their own ships rather than buy one. The reason may be economical, building a ship by oneself can be much cheaper than than simply buying one, Or it can be simply be for self-expression. Or for the challenge."
— Excerpt from Ashwalker's Guide to The Galaxy (Revised Edition). (F.S. 504)


Is every other ship boring, dull and absolutely lame for you? Does the hard work of ship designers, builders and architects only bring forth scolding hatred? Do you have some sort of engineering knowledge, or wish to acquire it? Are you insane, mentally unwell, or really like lego? Whatever glorified Tide-class/absolute hellscape/great paradise of engineering you are attempting to build, rest assured, this is the ship for you! Equipped with just what you need to Build Your First Ship! Or maybe your 35th. Who knows.

Things in the Ship:
  • Infinite Spray Can (paint everything!)
  • 150 Metal Rods, 200 Metal Sheets, 200 Titanium Sheets, 100 Glass Sheets, 100 Wooden Planks
  • Basic R&D Setup Boards
  • 4 Plasma and Ion Thruster boards
  • 2 RCDs
  • 1 Box of Solar Panels
  • 1 Autolathe Board
  • 2 Boxes of Stock Parts
  • 3 Canisters of air + 1 Canister of Plasma


Icon Name Type Slots
Architect Ship Engineer
Acts as the captain, meaning if you buy one you will spawn as this role.
Maso-Mechanic Ship Engineer 1


You can (currently) only build in open space. Please keep this in mind before landing on a jungle planet and getting all your hard work left behind.

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