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Why does this page exist?

This page exists to give short, usually brief answers to commonly asked questions people have that we don't want to reiterate whenever someone asks.

What is Shiptest?

Shiptest is a SS13 codebase mainly aimed at focusing on ships rather than on the titular station (which is completely removed from the game).

What makes Shiptest different from other ship-based SS13 servers?

Shiptest aims to emphasize many different crews and their exploits, including how they interact with other ship crews rather than focusing on one ship with one crew.

What makes Shiptest fun?

Shiptest, like many other SS13 servers, is driven on player interaction. Doubly so as not only are you interacting with friendly members of your own crew, but also neutral and even hostile members of other crews. Exploration is another focus, as planets and drifting ruins can be found just by flying ships around the system. You'll never know what you'll get 'till you find it!

What features are planned?

Many features are planned, but as plans change rapidly and decisively, there's no point in listing them on a wiki page. Shiptest's HackMD contains many possible features, but even these may be changed or even outright disregarded.

How do I join?

Download and install BYOND if you don't already have it, and then either go to this link in a browser, or input byond://join.shiptest.net:41372 in Dream Seeker. Note, the server is not always online, and is subject to being down for any amount of time.

Why isn't the server up 24/7?

Two reasons, first and foremost being that we currently do not have a stable hosting environment, and secondly being we do not feel we have enough content to warrant having a 24/7 server anyways.

Why isn't the question I asked on this page?

We can't answer everything on a static page, so please go to our discord and ask your question there.