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Maps on Shiptest


Purchasable Aegis-class Long Term Care Ship, Asclepius-class Hospital Ship, BYO-class-Do-It-Yourself Enthusiast Special, Box-class Hospital Ship, Boyardee-class Entertainment Vessel, Bubble-class Colonial Ship, Caravan-class Modular Ship, Colossus-class Armored Frigate, Corvus-class Response Vessel, Cricket-class Intel Scout, Delta-class Frigate, Dwayne-class Long Range Mining Transport, Gecko-class Salvage Runner, HighTide-class Entrepreneur Ship, Hyena-class Wrecking Tug, Li Tieguai-class Rescue Ship, Kilo-class Mining Ship, Komodo-class Warship, Lamia-class Magery Ship Lagoon-class Cruise Ship, Libertatia-class Hauler, Li Tieguai-class Rescue Ship, Luxembourg-class Delivery Vessel, Meta-class Freighter, Metis-class Experimental Extrasolar Pathfinder, Nemo-class Fauna Research Vessel, Osprey-class Exploration Ship, Ranger-class Aid Vessel, Riggs-class Sloop, Rigoureux(D)-class Auxiliary Cutter, Rube-Goldberg class Engineering Project, Scav-class Drifter, Schmiedeberg-class Pharmacology Ship, Scrapper-B Exploration Vessel, Shepherd-class Space Monestary, Shetland-class Multipurpose Frigate, Skipper-class Heavy Cruiser, Talos-class Command Clipper, Tide-class Salvage Ship, TrunkTide-class Salvage Ship
Removed or Admin-spawned Carina-class Solgov Issue Cutter, Kugelblitz-class Experimental Vessel, Midway-class Atmospheric Tanker Ship, Tartarus-class Military Carrier, Twinkleshine-Class Heavy Cruiser, Liberty-class Interceptor, Pill-Class Torture Device, Pill-Class-B(lack) Torture Device, Pill-Class-R(adioactive) Execution Device, Prague-Class Liberation Vessel, Pubby-class Mining Carrier, Solar-class Research Vessel, Raven-class Heavy Transporter

Map Rotation?[edit | edit source]

The server currently has no proper map rotation; instead, players are allowed to spawn in new ships of their choice, or join an existing one.

Default Ship Classes[edit | edit source]

The first ship in the round is chosen from a small, configurable list. This list currently includes the Dwayne, Shetland, Skipper, and Riggs.