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This is a list of current staff with in-game roles.

Up to date as of July 7, 2023.

For a more in-depth and always up to date reference, go to this page on the Shiptest statbus.

Current Admins

apogeesys • GameAdmin

ardentspark • GameAdmin

ariever • GameAdmin

coleminerman • GameAdmin

COTDsazabi • HeadAdmin

fighterslam • GameAdmin

fikou • Coder

marksuckerberg • HeadCoder

meemofcourse • GameAdmin

phoaly • GameAdmin

positiveentropy • GameAdmin

prefabquasar • GameAdmin

retlaw34 • GameAdmin

tallvisit • GameAdmin

thgvr • HeadAdmin

tmtmtl30 • Coder

valorium • GameAdmin

zephyrTFA • Host

Current Mentors

asciisquid • Mentor

hako01 • Mentor

rds88 • Mentor