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Why does this page exist?

This page exists to give short, brief answers to commonly asked questions people have, so we don't have to reiterate them consistently.


What is Shiptest?

Shiptest is a SS13 codebase mainly focusing on ships rather than on the titular station (which is completely removed from the game).

What's the setting?

The setting of the game is in one of many Frontier sectors: areas of space that are not civilized, unlike core sectors and systems. The Inter-Corporate Wars (which is where SS13 takes place in our timeline), a conflict staged by the Syndicate and Nanotrasen from 479 FS to 497 FS, has resulted in a debatable pyrrhic Syndicate victory after long and bitter fighting, leaving both sides exhausted and the Frontier in ruins. It's 504 FS, seven years since then - and all involved parties have yet to fully recover. You're one of the many individuals who have set out to roam these sectors. A full primer can be found here!

What's the gameplay?

The game cycle generally follows obtaining better equipment via exploring ruins and planets, and also fulfilling missions from outposts. Note that gameplay on a medical vessel will be different from an engineering or mining vessel. In addition, Shiptest is a roleplay server, so you must play a character and react like one, even if you're in a more gameplay-oriented ship. Storytelling quality may vary.

Is there ship-to-ship combat?

Currently, the only combat can be done via direct crew fighting - boarding or planetary/space combat being notable examples. Engaging other vessels without properly escalating or authorization from an admin is strictly disallowed. Faction association is not an excuse.

What makes Shiptest different from other ship-based SS13 servers?

Shiptest aims to emphasize many different crews and their exploits, including how they interact with other ship crews, rather than focusing on one ship with one crew.

What makes Shiptest fun?

Shiptest, like many other SS13 servers, is driven by player interaction. Not only are you interacting with friendly members of your own crew, but also neutral and even hostile members of other crews. Exploration is another focus, as planets and drifting ruins can be found just by flying ships around the system. You'll never know what you'll get 'till you find it!

What features are planned?

Many features are planned, but as plans change rapidly and decisively, there's no point in listing them on a wiki page. Shiptest's HackMD contains many possible features, but even these may be changed or even outright disregarded.

How do I join?

Download and install BYOND if you don't already have it, and then either go to this link in a browser, or input byond://join.shiptest.net:41372 in Dream Seeker. Note, the server is not always online, and is subject to being down for any amount of time.

Why isn't the server up 24/7?

We do not feel that we have enough content to warrant having a server online 24/7. Furthermore, admin surveillance is required in order to facilitate healthy gameplay, as our server is not whitelisted.

What does [this word] mean?

Check out the Terminology page.

Where are the clowns?

In lore, the Entertainer's Guild, made up of Clowns and Mimes, have an extremely unsavoury reputation after the Inter-Corporate Wars, stemming from numerous atrocities committed by those wearing clown and mime attire. Don't be surprised if everyone gives you a strange look after donning similar gear.


Are there antagonists?

Unless admin-caused, no.

Is EORG allowed?

No, but if a ship crew agrees to it, it is allowed. Ask your crew in LOOC if they'd like EORG.

Can I mutiny?

Yes, but you must make sure it is logical and follows proper escalation (you aren't going to mutiny over your captain denying you a weapon). If in doubt, ahelp it.

Can I respawn as the same character?

For roleplay reasons, respawning as the same character is not allowed, even when heading to cryogenics. How did your character get to another ship's cryogenics storage?

  • Respawning as a character that is very similar or otherwise related (e.g. John Doe II, Jane Doe) is not allowed either
  • Violating this may lead to an appearance ban or similar

Can I set my ship to be a certain roleplay level?

No. You can say you're looking for a more casual level of roleplay, but you must always strive to put yourself in the shoes of a character. You cannot make a Low Roleplay or Medium Roleplay ship, because each person's views of these terms are different. Elaborate on what you're looking for!

Can I make a species-only ship?


What do I do when I'm dead?

There is a 10 minute timer before you can respawn. In order to respawn, click on the OOC tab near your stat panel (top right corner), and then on Respawn. Make sure not to spawn in as a character you've already played this round.

How do I create a distress signal?

Distress signals are handled by admins. Call for a distress signal by adminhelping. Clever players, however, have utilized holopad disks in order to create a looping hologram message across ship communications.

How do I leave the game?

You can head to your ship's cryo room and log out while in the pod. You can get into the pod by click-dragging your sprite into the pod. You can also ghost in cryo to respawn in another ship, with no timer!

Why isn't the question I asked on this page?

We can't answer everything on a static page, so please go to our discord and ask your question there.