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Basic Information
Official Name: Bezuts but formal
Other Names: N/A
Capital Planet: Kalixcis
Structure: {{{structure}}}
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: this doesn't make much sense for a whole star system

  • Home to two sentient species
  • Fluid culture
  • Super duper placeholder
  • Might want an addition to the box for, like, what you call people from here. Bezutians?

Outdated information

This section contains out-of-date information that may no longer be relevant. Please consider revising it to keep this information up to date.
The provided reason is: "this whole thing is a placeholder and sucks"

"Have you ever had a dream that you, um, you had, your, you- you could, you’ll do, you- you wants, you, you could do so, you- you’ll do, you could- you, you want, you want him to do you so much you could do anything?"
— Licks-The-Refrigerator, intern Kalixcian diplomat

Bezuts is a star system that I know very little about. A standout feature of the place is that it's home to Kalixcis, a planet which grew two WHOLE sentient, spacefaring species; ain't that wacky.

Notable Locations

This is an entire star system, it's bound to have quite a few interesting places inside it.


Homeplanet of both the Sarathi and the Elzuosa. They hang out and stuff, it's chill. People here live in ever-shifting found families, which is pretty based.

That One Asteroid Mining Venture

like 40 people died here in an event only referred to afterwards as, "sus."


check out my awesome ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+f skills

also i know nothing about if bezutian culture is different from just kalixcis oops

Kalixcian Culture

Kalixcians highly value self-determination and living the life one believes is right for themselves. Often, they choose names for themselves that embody what they do or how they want to live life. A Kalixcian (Kalixci?) engineer might make their name Snips-The-Wires, whereas one who prefers to live alone might take the moniker Walks-Lonely-Miles. Note that these names are translations to Galactic Common, and do not carry their full intonation like they would in regional dialect.

Kalixcians do not believe in involuntary association, and their lives are lived accordingly. Kalixcian young are raised communally until the age of 7 (approximated to Earth cycles), where they choose a “family” that generally represents a “way of life” they think suits them. Membership in these families is generally quite fluid, as Kalixcians switch between them depending on their current ideals and desired way of life.

Their spacefaring organizations function largely the same way. Several different families maintain different views on the purpose of life in space. As these families rise and fall in popularity, new ones appear that represent new ways of living and lines of thought.

Sarathi evolved alongside Elzuosa on Kalixcis, and as such their culture is shared between them, freely being parts of the same societies and families. Elzuosa are, however, much rarer than Sarathi, having a lower overall population.


Bezuts has a lot of this! It's an origin system!


they probably stabbed each other because of internal conflict

First contact


Founding of NanoTrasen

turns out those Human fellas like money and bureaucracy as much as they like bombing people. i'm sure this company will remain a reasonable size and never do anything morally objectionable and oh dear there it goes.


NanoTrasen was initially a Bezuts-adjacent venture, so they probably still have good ties with it?

Playing a character from this location

you ain't from kalixcis if you ain't done this:

  • Three-word names
  • Eat hot chip
  • Feel more comfortable with a found family like your crew
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