NTBN Title Author Category
32 On Whiskey FTW Non-Fiction
31 Book Worm Yes Witseidutsei-Akish Fiction
30 Book: Asteroid Mining Steve Dansk Fiction
29 Survival for Dummies Atrazine-88 Reference
28 Guide to Goliaths Crazy Yiuf Reference
27 Lava Planet Survival Syndicate High Command Reference
26 Advanced Mixes 2 Edward Hanstring Reference
25 Paperwork by Example Nysa C Reference
24 To My Light Edward Hanstring Fiction
23 Guide to Ghetto TaTP ACLF rabble-rousers Reference
22 Frontier Research Stella Nightingale Reference
21 Hero of Canton Anonymous Fiction
20 ChemBar Basics Pt. 2 GRETCHEN Reference
19 ChemBar Basics Pt. 1 GRETCHEN Reference
18 Clockwork - Origins Herus Fanich Religion
17 Deekus Diary #2 Deekus-Debameel Non-Fiction
16 Advanced Mixes Edward Hanstring Reference
15 ML20 Donjons Tells-The-Tales Reference
14 ML20 Mass Combat Tells-The-Tales Reference
13 ML20 Monsters Tells-The-Tales Reference
12 ML20 Equipment Tells-The-Tales Reference
11 ML20 Spell List Tells-The-Tales Reference
10 ML20 Optional Rules Tells-The-Tales Reference
9 ML20 Core Rules Tells-The-Tales Reference
8 88 Constellations Orran Orlandeau Reference
7 The Loptrian Empire Shouzou Kaga Reference
6 Ages of Jugdral Shouzou Kaga Reference
5 The Twelve Crusaders Shouzou Kaga Reference
4 Spacers Steven Dansk Fiction
3 Asteroid Mining Steve Dansk Reference
2 Throughout the Rim Deeh-Neemus Non-Fiction
1 Ad Infinitum The Author Religion