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On Shiptest, your job is somewhat akin to your character class. It defines your starting equipment, your access on board the ship, and what you're supposed to be doing. Remember, these job descriptions are for humour purposes only. Please follow common sense.

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Command[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
The Captain is an important role that often dictates the direction and outcome of the round. They are responsible for piloting their ships and keeping law and order aboard. aVery Hard
First Officer
The First Officer assists the Captain where needed and acts as a secondary source of authority when the Captain is otherwise occupied. Hard
Head of Personnel
The HoP assists the crew by provisioning access to other crewmembers when needed. He can change job roles, fire unruly crew, and guards an essential crewmember in his office. Hard
Solgov Rep.png
SolGov Representative
A representative is a public agent sent by a corporation or space faring nation to represent their interests onboard a ship. Hard

Security[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic security.png
Security Officer
Revel in the fact that you're generally hated by the ship and can do nothing about it. The security officer is responsible patrolling the ship, preventing mutinies and protecting it from hostile crews that could board it. aHard

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic engineer.png
Ship Engineer
Your job is to set up the engine and repair any damage to hull and equipment. Nothing is broken? Just give it a few minutes. A vital function of this job is providing machines for individual departments and upgrading their components if science is busy elsewhere. cMedium

Science[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Scientist generic.png
A swiss army knife of the science and research department. Your job as a scientist ranges from researching at the console, experimenting in xenobiology, crafting elaborate explosives in toxins, to dispensing nanites for the crew. A critical part of this job is performing upgrades to the various departments, improving their efficiency. cMedium

Medical[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Medical Doctor
A relatively relaxed position when it's not covered in bodies and Medbay isn't on fire, a medical doctor assists the crew by placing people inside machines that heal damage, clone the ones that took too much damage, defibrillate the recently passed, and ensure the proper disposal of bodies. It is helpful to understand surgery in this role to assist the near-unrecoverable. A robust doctor makes effective use of examining patients before treating or cloning them to drastically reduce workload. See also: Guide to Medical dEasy

Civilian[edit | edit source]

Supply[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Lava miner.png
Shaft Miner
Mine rocks, try to mine monsters. Miners provide materials to the ship, in doing so they are outfitted with state of the art gear to explore planets and ruins. Being a miner requires adept use of your equipment, understanding of atmospherics and combat, and is generally a role reserved for experts. Being a robust miner means collecting gear fast without completely ignoring the crew's need for materials, and is highly rewarding in doing both. bHard

Service[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Bartenders function as the ship's entertainment. Sometimes the crew abandons their work to come and get absolutely wrecked at the bar. Your job as a Bartender is to satisfy that requirement by mixing lengthy recipes into borderline-illegal concoctions. dEasy

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic assistant2.png
Your job as an assistant is to assist. Or, at least, that's what your captain asks of every greytider. With minimal access to all departments, this job is reserved for beginners and veterans seeking a challenge. The robust assistant performs a variety of roles while officially being none. fNone
Generic clown.png
Honk! The clown is a challenging role which usually finds you at the end of a boot or baton. The clown has officially no purpose on the ship other than to entertain and/or harass the crew, playing simple and sometimes complex pranks while attempting to remain uncaptured once security has enough of your shenanigans. Playing a clown almost guarantees you will be griefed or ejected from every department. eHONK!

Non-human[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
The AI is the omnipresent experimental on-board intelligence installed by [REDACTED] your scientist, probably. The AI is a very complex role that requires some familiarity on par with captaincy and adherence to roleplay that follows your lawset. With no hands to perform physical operations, your job is to oversee the entire ship should your cameras permit, allowing access to crew members and altering the operation of machines on the station. Usually though, you're a glorified Cyborg. aVery Hard
Generic borg.png
Cyborgs on the ship fulfill a variety of roles, come equipped with a multitude of modules to pick the correct tool, but lack any form of hands to carry objects. Playing cyborg means all access to most doors, however you are often bound by lawsets or orders from crew that you must act upon. While slaved to an AI, you are subservient to it and humans alike, making you a go-to for airlock access and tools for everyone nearby. Not following your laws, ignoring orders, or rousing distrust in any way is a quick ticket to being remotely detonated by console, and destruction of "rogue borgs" is generally less frowned upon than murdering assistants. bHard
Generic drone.png
Drones are tiny robots that can be printed from the exofab, their job is to repair the ship they were activated in and generally prevent its destruction. bEasy