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Since the names and duties of jobs vary wildly between factions and ship classes, it's easier to break them down into generic roles that your job may fit into.

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Ever asked yourself "what the heck does a positronic reliability technician actually do?" well, just look at the table below and find out! (when its done. and when there's actually also guides to specific roles. and when the metis page then has its roles link to those guides. real soon)

Picture Role Description Duties(?) Guides
Autowiki-Captain.png Command Drive the ship, coordinate your crew, deal with inter-ship communications, and otherwise serve as their leader. Weep when nobody joins your ship. For small crews, you're going to end up filling in for a lot of roles yourself, and for larger crews you're going to spend most of your time attempting to coordinate your crew. Piloting, Coordinating Command, Overmap/Piloting
Autowiki-Shaft Miner.png Supply Mine for ores, salvage ruins, complete missions, and buy things from the outpost. Die to fauna, get legioned, and watch as your captain completely forgets you exist. Supply jobs are typically easy to pick up, but can be dangerous yet rewarding. Mining, Pushing crates, Salvaging Supply
Autowiki-Ship Engineer (Independent).png Engineering Run the engine supplied to your ship, keep the thrusters fueled, repair the hull, and ensure the air is clean and plentiful. End up causing more hull breaches than you fix. Engineering jobs typically require decent technical skill, especially on ships with limited engineering equipment. Atmospherics, Repair, Starting and maintaining the engine Engineering, Construction
Autowiki-Medical Doctor.png Medical Revive the miner, create healing chemicals, tell people to turn up their suit sensors, and otherwise keep your crew healthy. Leave the miner for dead after they bring you yet another 20 goliath corpses to dissect. Medical takes moderate skill, but can be challenging to do more healing than harm on ships without a single medical tool. Surgery, Chemistry, Genetics, Virology Medical, Chemistry, Ghetto Chemistry Surgery
Autowiki-Scientist.png Science Get research points, build new tools and weapons, and upgrade the machines aboard your ship. Realize you can't print anything you've researched because all you have is an exofab and a R&D console. Science job are easy enough, depending on how you decide to get your research points. Robotics, Research, Dissection, Surveying Research, Robotics, Xenobiology
Autowiki-Security Officer.png Security Kill fauna, shoot pirates, and attempt to keep the peace. Go an entire round without seeing combat. Since PVP is (currently) rare in shiptest, you're mostly keeping the wildlife out of the ship, which isnt too hard. Peacekeeping, Boarding, Managing prisoners, Security
Autowiki-Bartender.png Service Keep your crew happy and fed, and attempt to keep your ship clean. This typically done through bartending, entertaining, mopping, and cooking. Sit alone in the bar while the rest of your crew ignores you. Technical skill isn't as important for service jobs, but they can be roleplay heavy. Botany, Bartending, Cooking, Cleaning, Entertaining Service, Food and Drinks
Generic borg.png Synthetic Follow your laws, help fill in for other missing roles, and generally help your crew. Complain about your lack of hands while recharging your lightbulb cell every minute. Following laws, in the case you are given them, takes self control and skill. Otherwise, the required skill depends on the module you take. Follow your laws Synthetic