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You stumble across a library. The exterior looks like it has been unmaintained for centuries, yet it still stands. In the empty hallways of the abandoned, decrepit library, among the concrete rubble and the vibrant vines, gross vandalism is sketched across the wall, flanked by construction signs and flickering floodlights. There are a, frankly, hazardous amount of pens, folders, clipboards, and papers, of all types and sizes, scattered across the floor. You think you can make out moths fleeing to the floodlights. Only one sentence is written. "i need to work on the wiki". It has been written countless times. It is not written on any books in the library. The writings smell, look, and remind you of putrid gore. You don't want to look at this bizarre scene any longer.

Hi, I'm the WIkitainer. I play moths. I'm also known as Tor, or MeeM. My Ckey is MeeMOfCourse. You can see my contributions here. For any concerns about the wiki, you can see my discord here, or add me directly as TorWanderer. For the love of god, say what you're doing at Wikidev in the Shiptest discord.

Current Projects: