Nyaru Hopeless

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Nyaru Hopeless (formerly Nyaru Hope)
Basic Information
Origin Point: A pack of predators on Hom Plaent
Temp Range: Cold blooded (killer)
Height: Unknown (formerly 4'7")
Diet: APCs (formerly avali)

  • Living weapon
  • Doesn't like hugging (will punch you)
  • Dislikes IPCs
  • Shy but open to friendship


Hopeless wastn always named hopless. before the incident her name was Nyaru Hope but she changed it to hopelss because she felt like it fit better. before the incident she was actaully a really cool and hot avali who could beat up anyone. she was actually really really tall for a avali about 4'7" she was raised by predators who ate avali on her hom plaent actually and learnde to fight and kill and eat meat from them. she was really happy and nice until the incident. what happened was she was with her pack f predatrsd one day when a group of ipcs found her and then they killed all of her family and she tried to fight back but they had guns and she only had her claws and teeth. what they didnt know wsa that Hopeless was actually a living weapno aftee living with predators so she killed all of the ipcs;, but after she got really sad and depressed becaaase her family was gone so she killed herself on the spot. what she didnt know was that one of the ipcs was still aliv e and saw how she faught and was actually impressed so they took her brain out and started experimmenting with her. she was tortured and hurt so she doesnt like hugs and will punch you if you try to hug her. anyways after the torture and hurt and experimntrs they put her brain into a ipc shell just to hurt her more because she hated them more than anything ever. as soon as the did that she broke free and killed all of them again even harder this time with just her fists no teeth because she doesnt have any now. anyways after that she decided to kill every ipc she finds until there arent any left and so she can kill herself and finally rest. shes realy strong and tough and cool and has learned how to kill ipcs specifically but can still kill anyone she finds (but she wont if she thinks of them as a friend). she doesnt have a lot of friends because she scares people and is actually relly shy but if you try to be friends im open because i need friends even though she doesnt need any1. oh yeah she has cat ears and the antanna because she missed having four ears so she ripped them off a felinid she killed and put them on also the tail because she missed having 1 thats why piper you can stop asking now please thanks.

Created by Janus with assistance from Piper. Thank them.

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