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Basic Information
Official Name: Solar System
Other Names: N/A
Capital Planet: Earth
Structure: {{{structure}}}
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: 4591007978 BC

  • Home System of Humanity
  • Weirdly And Anomalously Isolated
  • Aggressively Neutral

Just a place to call your own
As we drift into the zone
On an island in the sun
— Ancient Solarian Hymn

Sol, Also known as The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it. The Solar System formed 4.7 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a giant interstellar molecular cloud. The vast majority (99.86%) of the system's mass is in the Sun, with most of the remaining mass contained in the planet Jupiter. The four inner system planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars—are terrestrial planets, being composed primarily of rock and metal. The four giant planets of the outer system are substantially larger and more massive than the terrestrials. The two largest, Jupiter and Saturn, are gas giants, being composed mainly of hydrogen and helium; the next two, Uranus and Neptune, are ice giants, being composed mostly of volatile substances with relatively high melting points compared with hydrogen and helium, such as water, ammonia, and methane. All eight planets have nearly circular orbits that lie near the plane of Earth's orbit, called the ecliptic.

Notable Locations

Being the home system of humanity, there are many features and locations of note...


The home planet of humanity and capital world of The Solar Confederation, Earth serves as a testament to human resilience. Recovering from the devastation of the Night of Fire Incident, Earth is once again a jewel of natural beauty, with both the beauty of Earth and the destruction that nearly extinguished it serving as inspiration for countless people. Earth is the headquarters of uncountable agencies, bureaus, and ministries, serving as a palace of bureaucracy to unify and coordinate the entire Confederation.

Peredysh Station

Peredysh is a mining station tethered to the moon Deimos. Initially constructed to foster asteroid mining operations, Peredysh Station has become a center of industry in the Sol System.

The Oort Barrier

The Oort Barrier is a region of space where bluespace shrouding and traversal appears to be impossible. It is roughly in the area where the Oort Cloud is, and complicates both interstellar travel and communications to and from the Sol system. Extensive infrastructure is required to facilitate both of these, and never to the levels of efficiency of systems where a "deadzone" is not present. Sol is currently the only observed case of this "deadzone" phenomena.

The Grand Orrery

To facilitate space travel and as a celebration of the discovery of Bluespace for humanity, the Terran Confederation commissioned several highly complex structures to aid in navigation, one of these being The Grand Orrery, a publicly accessible and highly precise model of the galaxy. The Grand Orrery is high-maintenance, requiring large teams of maintenance technicians and custodians which ensure that the Orrery is in peak condition.


See the page for The Most Serene Solar And Intersolar Confederation for further reading.

Solar Culture

Solarians (and all of humanity, to an extent) is culturally dominated by a long daisy chain of perceived duties to serve, with most individual citizens feeling the need to serve society at large, society at large feeling the need to serve the government, and the government feeling the need to serve the individual citizen, with said groups also overlapping to the point where the line between individual, society and government has nearly blurred beyond distinction. The most basic manifestation of this is SolGov's universal conscription, where each citizen must serve at least 2 months in the military, 11 further months in either military or civil service, and 30 further years as either a military or administrative reservist.

Solarian culture has a deep connection to the human homeworld, Terra (also known as Earth), a connection felt even by citizens not from the Sol system. While Terra has recovered well and is once again a jewel of natural beauty, the devastation of the Night of Fire Incident resulted in a profound appreciation of all things considered “natural”. This appreciation for the natural world, in combination with highly conservative and vaguely collectivist values (not in the party-political sense) has lead to most Solarian culture being tied to vaguely defined senses of spiritual connection to nature, with society and its institutions being seen and interpreted as a force of nature to which sentient beings are naturally attuned.

Solarians rely on technologies considered rudimentary, such as pen-and-paper recordkeeping and faxes. Certain advanced technologies, particularly those to do with body modification, are avoided whenever practical low tech alternatives exist, with cybernetic enhancements and augmentation being deeply taboo and artificial intelligence eschewed in favor of a complete and total reliance on human manpower. Materials considered natural, such as wood, leather, plant-based textiles and horn, are preferred in construction and manufacturing, being used liberally for interior decoration and anything intended for direct bodily contact.


Before The Night Of Fire

You know...

First contact

First contact with (and discovery of) humans was groundbreaking, both for the galactic community at large and for the recently united Solar Confederation.

For the former, humanity would become the talking point of the decade. Government aeronautics programs and shipwrights made connections to Solarian shipbuilders as headlines of a ship that could fly through the treacherous Lepiton Storm circulated. Diplomats sought trips to Earth as every polity fought to be the first to speak with the new civilization.

For the latter, a different kind of storm awaited. Debates sparked as to what regard the state is to hold these -people- to. There were once again Others for pundits to point at and gesture angrily. There were pedants who pointed out that, technically, these different species didn't have the unalienable rights that all humans were entitled to.

After many meetings, compromises, and one particularly embarassing incident, action was taken on the issue of human rights. Pushing changes to the Constitution proved to be far too difficult to work, so a compromise was once again proposed. Changing the legal definition of Human proved to be far easier than amending a centuries-old document, guaranteeing all SolGov Citizens inalienable rights.

Founding of NanoTrasen

Shortly after first contact proceedings, the matter of interstellar communications to and from the Sol system became of paramount concern to the Solar Confederation. Mutual interest in the newfound challenges of circumventing the Oort Barrier collaborated and formed Nanotrasen, founded with the intent to bring Kalixcane capital into Sol territory.

Internal Relations

Sol stands as first among equals as the capital of the Solar Confederation. This can lead to a vague sense of superiority over those from the Intersolar sectors, though the prevailing attitude is one of unified identity as Solarians.

Playing a character from this location

As a resident of the Solar System, you might...

  • Have a deeper appreciation for the natural world, making you more relaxed when around plants and other such flora.
  • Opt to register some form of documentation, be it digital or analog.
  • Avoid using cybernetics or utilizing AI technology, unless forced to. (This does not mean you actively discriminate silicate life, such as Integrated Positronic Chassis or otherwise).
  • Be more cultured, enjoying classical media from what would be considered centuries old to the setting.

Others probably...

  • Think you are some sort of documentation freak, despite the rumors being rather exaggerated for the average citizen.
  • Put you in higher positions of command due to military experience thanks to Sol's famous mandatory military service.
  • Notice you're more well-mannered in comparison to someone living in the Frontier.
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