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"Hey, guys, could you sign this form for m-OH GOD, WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE?

- Lance Guetenschmitt, SolGov Representative onboard the ISV Pyromancer's Requiem

As a representative of the Most Serene Solar and Intersolar Confederation (or as a SolGov Representative, for short), you serve the interests of your government, SolGov. Rather than answering directly to the Captain of the vessel you are stationed on, you serve as an advisor and aide provided by your external bureaucratic oversight committee. You may compare it to roles such as the Corporate Liasion from CM or TGMC. Additionally, you serve as a communications officer, taking holocalls and managing external affairs.

Your Pal, Paperwork

Now, you may not be a bona-fide pencil pusher like the Heads of Personnel of yesteryear, but you still have a few tricks up your sleeve! Your office (which you should have on most ships you can be a SolGov Rep upon) will have a few things in it:

  • Your locker, with spare clothes, an armor vest, and occasionally a self-defense implement
  • A desk with accompanying office chair
  • Comfortable wooden flooring
  • A tiny SolGov flag, for patriotism
  • A holopad, the utility of which will be explained later

And most importantly:

  • A pad of paper, a fancy pen, and a fax machine with a direct line to the head honchos back home!

With these three things, you can send faxes to your supervisors and ask for assistance, advice and more. Of course, your advisors (hint: it's the admins) are often very busy and frankly have better things to do than listen to your endless status reports or requests for marine squadrons when people refuse to sign your endless forms, but every so often you may get a response!

The Crew: Communication Ain't So Bad

Now that you're acquainted with your shiny office and fancy fax machine, you should probably turn your attention to the rest of your companions: the crew! Alongside your fax machine, you have a holopad you can use to make calls to other ships. Some suggested uses include:

  • Coordinating trades of vital equipment
  • Forging alliances for particularly dangerous ruins or opposing crews, like pirates
  • Hiring mercenaries to facilitate the above
  • Negotiating for the release of prisoners
  • Calling for help from rescue vessels
  • And so much more!

Do your best to be polite, personable and persistent, and you can ensure that your crew has smooth operations with other vessels. In-between crank calls and drafting your latest report on the crew's capacity to loot random destroyed buildings, do your best to coordinate with your crew as well; assist the Captain in organizing expedition teams, make to-do lists for important equipment, and do whatever else you can to ingratiate yourself with the crew.