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Rachnid unions represent a series of policy, philosophy and procedure on how the guild structure is adhered to within the union. Two guilds within the same union may not be aligned, and two guilds within different unions can work together (with some effort) and are not representative of a organized governing body. Unions act as an extension of the common guild structure based on the goals or interests of the guild.


To a guild within the Deu’Texe a guildmasters sole concern is the pursuit and production of a guildcraft, a masterpiece to act as their grand contribution to the universe. Consequently the Deu’Texe is known for its impressive monuments which scatter the rings of Mea’awa in a grand tapestry of guilded sculptures and ornate gallery stations.

The guilds of Deu’Texe are temporary, often made to complete a singular task before resolving. However this does not mean these guilds are not long-living, for the most asteemed guilds the guildcraft can span decades to complete. Should the founding guildmaster leave behind a will of instructions after their passing it is the responsibility of the Guildmaiden to continue their work and select the sucessor.

Guilds of Deu’texe vary depending on the scope and specifics of the guildcraft being produced. Smaller guilds often adopt a minimalist or specialized fashion focused around the guildcraft. As the size and scope of the guild and guildcraft respectively so does the distinctness and permanence of the stylings. Radicalized or indoctrinating guilds brand members with permanent markings (tatoo, chitin carving, peircings, etc) as a form of lifelong pledge to the guildcraft.

Those within Deu'Texe may have the following opinions on it's fellow unions:

  • Tati’zion : Though they may look down on our efforts, in time our works will be the very artifacts they cherish.
  • Strixiyos : Their commitment to design is admirable. If lacking in impression.
  • Itusp’Xos : The crude and temporary works they so admire is only a testament to their lack of resolve, a tradgedy in motion.
  • Anarach : Defilers and despoilers with no respect to the efforts of our masters.

Examples of Deu’Texe guilds: Guild for the Statue of Tizx’Vao, Guild for Space Station A6-115413, Guild of Argent Zeik’Iliad


The guilds of Tati’zion value the collection, examination and resotration of history and the properties of the universe. Valuing and supporting guilds which specialize in the data collection and archival. Which is not to say this union does not partake in creative efforts, however artisans of the Tati’zion practice to capture the natural beauty of the universe through preservation and recreation of historical works.

For guilds within the Tati’zion union, competitions for the title of Guildmaster are resolved through discovery. Should an apprentices scientific theory be proven true or a breakthrough is made as a result of a members intuition, the title is then granted in their name.

Early history suggests the Tati’Zion union formed from bands of adventuring guilds extchanging information and tools. In order to protect their bodies from intense UV radiation from the sun many of these guilds utilized heavy cloaks lined with silver dust. As technology modernized the old cloaks transitioned to a formal regalia offered to graduated and recognised scholars.

Those within Tati'zion may have the following opinions on it's fellow unions:

  • Deu’Texe : Naïve overachievers whom often ignore the world around them to pursue their own delusions of grandeur.
  • Strixiyos : Admirers of our knowledge and discoveries, yet quick to discard the merits of what came before.
  • Itusp’Xos : Their attachments to history is often sentimental and rarely rational.
  • Anarach : We aren’t sure whether to be flattered or appalled by what they do.

Examples of Tati’zion guilds: Guild of Bookkeeping, Guild of Xenoarcheology, Guild of interesting facts about Sarathi


A union focused on the material and efficient. Prioitizing innovation and objective, tangible improvement on what came before. Within the Strixiyos there exists the Maidens Guild, a heriarchy composed of guildmaidens from the most renown guilds which uphold the standards of quality in the union. Leaders of high renown and status within the Maidens Guild are recognised as the High Matriarchs, whom are seen as the highest authority and judges of quality within the union.

Products from Strixiyos are renown throughout the universe for their quality. Select guilds even have the recognition to compete with Nanotrasen within their specific department.

Form before function, but ideally both. Tailor made clothing, equipment and gear for every occasion. Ornate cybernetic prosthetics and augmentations common among technologically adept guilds. Yet whatever the case, Strixian fashion strives to be cutting edge. In the modern era Strixiyos has begun to favor tailor made adaptive suits which utilize synthetic programmable silk which allows the owner to alter the pigmentation and patters in real-time without even needing to removal or additional tailoring.

Those within Strixiyos may have the following opinions on it's fellow unions:

  • Deu’Texe : Powerful allies restrained by their own ambition.
  • Tati’zion : Their knowledge is invaluable yet they lack the vision to truly utilize it.
  • Itusp’Xos : Wasteful, unorganised and impulsive. Hardly worth recognising.
  • Anarach : While capable at finding the faults in our design their crude displays are far from constructive.

Examples of Strixiyos guilds: Guild of FTL aerodynamics, Guild of Solar Generation, Guild of Stellar Shiprights


Members within the Itusp’Xos value the unique perspectives, philosophies and personalities of their guildmasters. Often focused around the founding guildmaster exclusively. Consequently apprentices joining guilds within the union are admirers of the guildmasters unique character or style rather than ability. Many guilds within Itusp’Xos are known to enter the union of Deu’Texe once the guild has gained a substantial following and the guildmaster begins to chart plans for a guildcraft of their own.

The significance placed on individual expression and personal discovery makes the explicit function of any guild unclear and fluid. Lessons provided by the guildmaster are often provided on a whim with little structure. With guilds often being titled by the guildmasters name or an aptly vague conceptual term. When a guildmaster passes the guild is functionally dissolved with any lingering instructions left to the responsibility of the guildmaiden should they choose to accept.

Itusp’Xos has a striking and diverse sense of fashion sensibilities as guilds are formed around the interests and stylings of its master. Ranging from stylings to that of Rachadian history, primarily the Cai’Itusp era from which the union was founded. However many other guilds adopt their own unique styling with no definitive era or inspiration.

Those within Itusp'Xos may have the following opinions on it's fellow unions:

  • Deu’Texe : The pompous works they so admire is only a testament to their lack of peace, a tradgedy carved in stone.
  • Tati’zion : There is no fulfillment knowledge if one does not ponder upon its meaning.
  • Strixiyos : They could make what I can faster, stronger, more resiliant, but they can never make it my own.
  • Anarach : While free-spirited they are not true to themselves, hiding behind a caustic mask of irony.

Examples of Itusp’Xos guilds: Guild of Neo-Rachadian Thought, Guild for Master Xiz’Catr, Guild for Introspection on The Significance of The Color Puce


A modern union founded shortly after contact with Kalixcis which pride themselves as outsiders and enthusiasts of alien culture. Guilds operating outside the older union structures, or those operating based on organizations from alien cultures are represented within this union.

There is no universal definition for the Anarach union.

Shitposting is an art.

Those within Anarach might have opinions on it's fellow unions, here could be some:

  • Deu’Texe : Neets
  • Tati’zion : Nerds
  • Strixiyos : Narcs
  • Itusp’Xos : Nevermind these guys are pretty cool.

Examples of Anarach guilds: Radical Nid’s official Fan Guild, Guild of unexpected Among Us references, Guild of Guilds about Guilds for Guilds that don’t actually count as Guilds

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