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Woah! You shouldn't be seeing this. Notify Abigail886 where this is being shown, unless it's at Template:RecursiveDrink

This is a mess, ignore this for now while I work on a rewrite:

Quite easy to add a chem to RecursiveDrink.

1) Create a Template for your Drink under this template. EG: "Template:RecursiveDrink/Changling Sting"
2) Add the ingredients. Use this template:


Replace 1 with the parts, (1 part, 2 parts, ect) Replace 2.1 with the place the ingredient is from, (drinks for another drink, food for a food item, ect.) Replace 2.2, 3 and 4 with the name of the drink. Yes the same name.

Full example of one in action is this: (the below makes a Classic Martini)

{{Tooltip|2 parts [[Guide_to_drinks#Gin|Gin]]|{{RecursiveDrink/Gin}}}}<br>
{{Tooltip|1 part [[Guide_to_drinks#Vermouth|Vermouth]]|{{RecursiveDrink/Vermouth}}}}<br>

If the drink you listed is made with other drinks, that template will deepen the layer.

Be sure to use "Show Preview" to see how it looks, if you encounter any errors shoot me a message, discord name is Abigail886, or leave a message on my talk page.

Little more work than the chemistry one but I think it looks fancy and will help bartenders out.