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they call me the gambler because i wanna die on a train

no weezer allowed on this page


this is my dog

he is a webp file

reasons webp is good

  • it's a lossless format that has far smaller image sizes than png or other traditional formats
  • it's great for web (ergo webp) because it allows faster page load times since images are smaller and require less bandwidth/transfer time
  • the shiptest website uses webp for this purpose
  • it's an open format
  • the only real issue with it is that application developers are too lazy to add support for them, the format itself is perfectly fine


this is a test of the markdown tag system

  • is it working
  • i don't know if it's working
  • holy cow it's working

it's so shrimple just put it in the markdown tag that looks like < markdown> and < /markdown> but without the spaces

wow this is so cool omg