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Basic Information
Origin Point: test tube
Temp Range: 300-370K
Height: 144cm (~4'9")
Diet: hungry

  • unnatural and worrying
  • kept in a kennel at all times
  • released to write on occasion
  • beloved domesticated kepori

— stripes when prodded with a stunbaton

they me live in their closet. welcome to my house

a grim reminder

in progress: kepori animal by the grace of god she is completed

in progress: bird nation by the grace of god she is completed

my house.wad

You are Cybersun!

Gore video. Awww, kitten. Weird life hack. Gore video, this one's mid. Another mid gore video. You've seen this before. Okay, break over, put down your laptop and clock back in. Need to pay your intratuber subscription. You pull up your program management software and check the readout- Seems like everything is worked as you intended it, which is naturally an issue because nobody else on the team has your unique flow and *workstyle*. You kind of resent that, because everyone in your polycubicle thinks it's just fine. Whatever, you can work that into your pet God complex you've been harboring since you were eleven. You'll cope by imagining them getting pasted by an ICW-era ERT while you take your afternoon shower. You hear from trusted social media sources that Spacers don't take any showers whatsoever, so you treasure your personal care routine. One day, you're gonna snap. You've been saying it the last couple years, but this time you swear it's gonna happen.

Your favorite season is autumn, because it's aesthetic and you can imagine yourself wearing all your favorite outfits (even though it'll be way too cold to). You like to get in on exclusive deals. You dropped out of college to pursue a work opportunity, or maybe you didn't even attend because your chops were just that good. Everyone thinks you're kind of a psycho, but really you're just *over it* and looking for something new. You change parts of your identity frequently. They don't even sell your favorite flavor of energy drink anymore because the food coloring made people schizophrenic, which was your favorite part anyway. You hope the inevitable Second ICW corporate death squad will keep you as a pet.