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waga bobo page is extremealy wip dont look at this im only puiblishing it in case my computer dies while im editing

The Literal Bare Absolute Minimum

In the case that you're on Shiptest primarily for gameplay but still interested in staying within the rules, extremely new to roleplay, or just not really feeling up to it right now. Not doing these things will probably get you yelled at by admins, since they're basically just elaborations on the roleplay rules.

  • The general rule is "don't break the atmosphere/setting". Pretty much all of these are just elaborations on that.
  • Expanding on that, your character doesn't know they're in a videogame and probably won't talk like they think this. Expect for others to treat you as insane if you try. This can include not saying things such as "this round sucks" IC, but also includes things such as having a casual knowledge of what exactly is and isn't in the tendril loot pool, or basically anything that it wouldn't make sense for a real person in the situation of your character to say.