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The Pan-Gezenan Federation (commonly shortened to the PGF) is a democratic, individualistic federation based out of Kalixcis that especially values military action, mostly formed by Sarathi.

Pan-Gezena Federation
Basic Information
Official Name: Pan-Gezena Federation
Other Names: PGF
Capital City: Federation City, Gezena, Kalixcis
Structure: Representative Democracy
Denonym(s): Gezenan, Federation
Founded: -234 FCS

  • Individualist
  • Militarist
  • Expansionist


The PGF Government is split up into two government branches, in charge of the Legislative and Executive powers respectively. The Legislative Branch deals with making laws and voting them into practice. The Executive Branch is in charge of the Military and the Administrations, and is entrusted with executing these laws. Being a representative democracy, those within the PGF who are eligible to vote are able to elect representatives to vote on policy for them at the Federation's capital. All nationals over the age of 18 are guaranteed the right to vote with an equal voice according to law, as written in the PGF constitution.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch handles the management of law structure within the Federation, such as additional articles to its constitution. New laws are able to be proposed by any individual holding citizenship in the PGF, though members of the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch are often taken more in consideration. After the law goes though a (sometimes) quick approval process, a vote by the Federation's National Assembly needs to pass with a two thirds majority. If successful, the proposed law is announced, and it is forwarded to the Executive Branch to put it into action.

Members of the National Assembly are voted into office by citizens within each state of the PGF. What exactly constitutes a state varies from state to state, but the list of states is strictly defined. The most-commonly used measure is population. PGF territory on Kalixcis, as well as their core colonies, is split into multiple states per planet, except certain colonies past a certain distance from the capital, which are a single state each. Some colonies, either far-out from Kalixcis or recently established, also have populations too small to be considered a state. While there is no upper limit to state population, there is a lower limit, that being around 500,000 citizens.

Each state elects three representatives to the National Assembly, and each representative serves a term of eight years. A representative can be re-elected any number of times. The ability for a representative to be endlessly reelected, mixed with the vague definition of a state within the Federation have led to inequality and distrust between the inner and outer worlds of the PGF due to Kalixcis and the core colonies of the Federation's disproportionately higher political influence.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is charged with the enforcement of PGF Laws, and manages the Administrations within it. The Executive Branch is led by the President of the Pan-Gezenan Federation, who is voted into office by all voting citizens of the Federation. The President has a term length of six years, just like the representatives, but has a term limit of three, making it impossible for a President to be re-elected a third time. This is to enforce change and ensure no long-lasting presidential dynasties come into being.

The president has the following powers:

  • The President chooses the heads of each Administration during their term, and is the final say in any decision that a single Head Administrator cannot come to. They are capable of giving orders to each Head Administrator, and refusal to carry out any order is grounds for eviction from said Head Administrator's position.
  • The President has the ability to veto any law passed through the Assembly, but said veto can be overturned by another vote, this one requiring a two-thirds majority. If the President oversteps their bounds, they can be voted out of office by the Assembly, in another two-thirds majority vote.
  • The President possesses military authority over the PGF Military's High Command, even outside of a state of contingency, outranking the Admirals and Generals of any armed force. They are, however, entrusted to recognize they are a civilian and default to the experience and education of the actual military leadership to advise them in any military-related situation.


The Federation's Administrations are departments that control and carry out certain duties of the government. Each is lead by a Head Administrator, who is selected by the current President of the Federation. Head Administrators are entrusted with complete control over all federal resources allocated to their Administration.

  • Defense Administration: Has control over commissioning new ships and equipment from Etherbor Industries, as well as recruitment, logistics, and base construction. Actual orders to soldiers are handled by Military High Command. Typically the Head Administrator of Defense is chosen from a high-ranking Admiral or General.
  • Intelligence Administration: The Intelligence Administration is responsible for gathering and exploiting information within and outside the Federation. It does this via the Defense Communications Agency, the PGF's main intelligence agency. Typically, the Head Administrator of Intelligence is a high-ranking DCA member from the prior administration, if not the previous Head Administrator of Intelligence.
  • Foreign Affairs Administration: Maintains the PGF's embassies in the other nations, and has control over their diplomats. The Head Administrator of Foreign Affairs is typically the PGF's chief diplomat, a highly experienced member sent to only the most important of diplomatic meetings with other nations.
  • National Resource Administration: Handles the resources of the PGF, distributing them to the other Administrations, approving or denying requests from PGF-affiliated companies for access to any resources held by the federal government, and control over the PGF's public power systems and production facilities.
  • Economy and Tourism Administration: The purpose of this Administration is to keep the keep the Federation's free market policy afloat, while also undertaking policies to combat inflation, perform investigations on companies, and regulating the PGF Credit and distributing newly-minted credits. (Note: The PGF has not had physical money since 300 FS, but the word "minted" stuck around for newly-produced credits.)
  • Labor Administration : Regulates the corporations of the PGF to ensure they are treating their workers fairly, providing a minimum livable wage (based on average cost of living within each state) and ensuring that safety standards are upheld at every workplace. They are notably lenient on certain companies that donate heavily to their operations, and are also fairly anti-union, claiming to do enough work themselves for companies within the PGF to not need unions.
  • Agriculture Administration : Similar job to the Administration of Labor, but applied specifically to agricultural jobs like farmers and food production plant workers, which the Administration of Labor is not responsible for. The Administration of Agriculture also ensures that all food produced by these jobs within the PGF is both edible and, optionally, healthy for the PGF populace to consume.
  • Federal Development Administration: Oversees construction of facilities for all of the other Administrations and the Federation, including Zoning, purchasing materials, and hiring construction workers and architects.
  • Colonial Affairs Administration : Encourages the founding of and then supports new PGF colonies throughout their development cycle. Distributes resources to colonies in need, and ensures trade routes from core PGF territory to new colonies are safe and open. Also creates and distributes advertisements and propaganda glorifying colonial life to convince PGF citizens to colonize new systems. Surveys systems for potential colonies, and recommends good planets to prospective PGF colonists.
  • Healthcare Administration : While the PGF healthcare system is privatized, this Administration oversees and regulates healthcare companies to ensure that they are not charging too much nor are they abusing their client or providing sub-standard care. Notably underfunded.
  • Education Administration : Education is one of the main things within the PGF that is not privatized. This Administration builds, maintains, and hires personnel for public schools within the Federation. Also develops school curriculum, and keeps it updated.
  • Science Administration: Hires and maintains a large staff of scientists studying a wide array of subjects to ensure that the PGF stays ahead, or at least up-to-date, in regards to technology and science. Maintains a large number of advanced laboratories throughout the Federation, usually shared with Etherbor Industries.

Pan-Gezenan Military

The PGF Military is made up of three branches, all of which report to the Military's High Command, an assembly made up of the highest-ranking Generals and Admirals of each branch. The PGF Navy and PGF Marine Corps are the two largest and most active of the three branches.

The PGF Military does not practice conscription and is entirely a paid, volunteer force. As such, it relies on liberal use of pro-military propaganda as well as the PGF's massive population to support its numbers.

Pan-Gezenan Navy

The PGF Navy, or PGFN, maintains and operates the PGF's fleets of warships, as well as all spacefaring or seafaring logistics vessels for all branches. They also maintain and operate any water-based vessels the PGF has on worlds with oceans and seas. The highest ranking members of this branch are Admirals.

Pan-Gezenan Marine Core

The PGF Marine Corps, or PGFMC, are the PGF's main ground fighting force. Every marine is a trained ground soldier first, and whatever specialization they have chosen second. Many marines choose to take up a secondary specialization on top of their ground soldier training, such as engineering, medical aid, shuttle piloting, vehicle operation, logistics, or even cooking. They provide the entirety of the PGF's ground-based offensive capabilities, not only serving as soldiers but operating all PGF military ground vehicles and atmospheric fighters and transport shuttles. The PGFMC is also known for their elite power armored units.

Pan-Gezenan Home Guard

The PGF Home Guard, or PGFHG, is a part-time military force operating only within the territory of the Federation. They serve as a defensive force, only composed of reservists, and mostly spend their time training and drilling. They are only ever to be called into action if the Federation's territory is invaded, and only to defend the world they are stationed on as the first line of defense until forces from the PGFN and PGFMC arrive.

Defense Communications Agency

The Defense Communications Agency, or DCA, is the main intelligence agency of the PGF. Operated by the Administration of Intelligence, they serve a role of both intelligence gathering and counterintelligence in regards to foreign nations. They do sometimes take direct action of their own, if they deem it to be needed. While funded enough to at least get their job done and not be an international laughing stock, they are still certainly the inferiors of the intelligence agencies of either the Solar Confederation or the Zohil Explorat.

Etherbor Industries

It is impossible to explain the Pan-Gezena Federation without talking about Etherbor Industries' influence. The largest company within the Federation, Etherbor Industries is a tech company that also designs and builds new weapons, armor, equipment, vehicles, and ships for all branches of the PGF Military, to the point that the PGF does not even consider switching to a different provider.

Etherbor has held this position for centuries at this point, predating Nanotrasen's existence by at least one. They have so much political clout within the Federation Legislature that, when Nanotrasen was founded, they managed to force through laws that effectively kneecapped Nanotrasen's efforts within the Gezenan market, securing their power against a potential rival.


The PGF follows Kalixcian culture, with an increased emphasis on individualism and personal freedoms. Everyone within the PGF is encouraged to express themselves however they feel they should, without judgement, and Gezenan culture explicitly tells that all sapients should be considered equals regardless of any differences in any way.

Gezenans are taught that due clinging to these policies of individualism and equality so tightly, the PGF is by far the greatest nation within the galaxy, and its ideals should be spread to all corners of the universe. This sentiment is cemented in citizens from a young age and continually nurtured and developed through an almost excessive amount of patriotic propaganda, holding the PGF's free and equal values above the heads of all other nations.



Due to early legislature passed through the influence of Etherbor Industries, Nanotrasen and the PGF are not exactly on friendly terms, with Nanotrasen quite literally banned from doing business in Federation space. Still, the company is at least thankful that, in the latter years of the ICW, the PGF Military joined the fight against the Syndicate, though it was for their own reasons.

The Syndicate

Tensions with the modern Syndicate are quite tense, especially those with any Gorlex-descended group. The PGF is mostly neutral towards the other Syndicate factions, but constantly single out and make life hard for any Gorlex-related personnel due to their historic conflict with the Gorlex Marauders during the later parts of the ICW.


The PGF does not have official diplomatic relations with Inteq, considering them no more than a PMC that the PGF, with its massive military force, has no reason to hire. As Inteq has never been hired to fight against the PGF before, they hold no animosity towards the mercenary band, however they hold no friendly thoughts towards them either.

Solar Confederation

SolGov is with the PGF as it is with most everything; neutral. This is the way they like to keep it. The PGF openly trades with SolGov and vice versa, and embassies are held by each nation in the others capital, but other than that the status quo is maintained, neither nation wishing to be an adversary, but neither making any attempt to become friends either.

Saint-Roumain Milita

The PGF holds the SRM in the same frame of mind as Inteq; as just a mercenary group that they don't need to have relations with. In the SRM's case, however, the PGF keeps an eye on them even less, due to their smaller size.

The Colonial League

CLIP is the PGF's main and closest ally currently. Following the founding of the colonial power, the PGF established a military alliance with them against several mutual enemies, such as the Zohil Explorat and the Frontiersmen, which has over the last century developed into friendship between the nations. The two engage in trade and joint exercises with each other constantly.

Zohil Explorat

Another Kalixcian power and the PGF's main historic rival, the Zohil Explorat has been a thorn in the Federation's side for the last century. The Explorat was born from a bloody revolution within United Republics of Free Zohil, the PGF's previous rival. The Explorat is incredibly isolationist, however every move they have made within the galactic political stage has been to counter the PGF or CLIP in some way, proving their hostile intent. The PGF and Explorat have been engaged in a tense cold war for the entire length of the Explorat's existence.


Founding of the Federation

  • -234 FS
    • A group of small, independent nations on the east coast of the continent of Gezena unite together into one nation, the Pan-Gezena Federation.
    • Over the course of the next century, the PGF expands through both diplomacy and military action to control the entirety of Gezena.
  • -199 FS
    • Across the Inner Ocean to the east, on the continent of Zohil, the far-older United Republics of Free Zohil takes notice of the rapidly-growing PGF. In an attempt to curb the rapid growth of a potential rival, they provide aid to the PGF's local rivals. This does nothing except slow the PGF's growth only slightly, and create early tensions between the PGF and URFZ, which would eventually grow into a full-on rivalry.
  • -120 FS
    • The PGF expands to encompass all of Gezena except for the Zale Peninsula and the Antecannal Peninsula.

Antecannal Straits War

  • -112 FS
    • The Antecannal Straits War begins. The PGF launches an invasion by both land and sea on the newly-formed Antecannal League after the League imposed tariffs on sea trade by PGF companies through the Antecannal Straits. The PGF quickly secures a large portion of the Antecannal Peninsula, but is bogged down by guerilla fighting within the Antecannal Island Chain.
    • The URFZ openly supplies funds and weapons to the Antecannal League, but open warfare between the PGF and URFZ is avoided through diplomacy.
  • -108 FS
    • The Antecannal Straits War ends with a peace treaty between the PGF and Antecannal League. The PGF achieves their main goal of forcing the League to remove their tariffs, but no territory change comes of it. The PGF's snout has been bloodied by a smaller nation, and animosity is bred by the conflict between the PGF and the League, leading to the League growing closer in relations to the URFZ.

PGF-URFZ Space War

  • -102 FS
    • With the refinement of large-scale rocket technology during the Antecannal Straits War by both sides, a space race begins between the URFZ and the PGF, with the Antecannal League providing resources and assistance to the URFZ.
  • -98 FS
    • The PGF puts the first sapient Kalixcian in orbit.
  • -87 FS
    • Both the PGF and URFZ put permanent space stations in orbit in the same year.
  • -73 FS
    • The URFZ puts the first Kalixcian on Toitek, the larger of Kalixcis' two moons.
  • -70 FS
    • The URFZ establishes a colony on Toitek.
  • -68 FS
    • The PGF puts a Kalixcian on Nalpa, the smaller of Kalixcis' two moons. They immediately set up a colony.
  • -53 FS
    • The PGF becomes the first to put a Kalixcian on another planet in the Bezuts system.
  • -20 FS
    • The PGF learns that the URFZ has made remote first contact with alien life, a species known as the Kepori. This is met with skepticism at first, until the URFZ releases undeniable proof later in the year to the public of all Kalixcian nations.
  • 10 FS
    • By this point, every single celestial body within the Bezuts system has been colonized, and under the control of either the PGF or URFZ. The two other Kalixcian nations, the Zale Houses and Antecannal League, simply rent holdings on colonies established and officially owned by either of the other two.

Bezuts Systemary War

  • 34 FS
    • As tensions worsen between the PGF and URFZ, an incident between two patrol ships within the moons of Kathaz, the largest gas giant of the Bezuts system, escalates out of control. War between the PGF and URFZ seems imminent.
  • 35 FS
    • The Bezuts Systemary War between the PGF and URFZ begins. The Antecannal League sides with the URFZ, and the Zale Houses side with the PGF. Nowhere within the Bezuts System is neutral, and the entire system is engulfed in war.
    • On Kalixcis, the PGF an Zale Houses launch a joint land invasion of the Antecannal Peninsula on Gezena. The seafleets of either side duel in the Inner Ocean, freezing sea trade as the waters are too dangerous for even civilians to traverse.
    • In orbit, PGF and URFZ spacefleets engage in deep space between the planets and moons that are host to colonies. Ground combat outside of Kalixcis is rare, and bloody.
  • 38 FS
    • The Bezuts Systemary War ends with a treaty. The PGF is victorious, but not without great losses. The URFZ agrees to decrease the size of their military, and hands over several of its colonies to the PGF.
    • Thankfully nuclear weapons are never employed in the war on Kalixcis, both sides having agreed to it early on and keeping true to that agreement. Nuclear weapons are only used in fleet battles out in space, where their environmental impact is negligible.
    • Most of the devastation from the war was within the Antecannal Peninsula, Antecannal Island Chain, Zale Peninsula, and the west coast of Zohil, resulting from the PGF and Zale's ground invasion of the Antecannal League, the URFZ naval invasion of the Zale Houses in an attempt to strike the core of the PGF from there, and the PGF's counter-invasion on Zohil itself.
    • By the tally at the end of the war, casualty counts are in the high tens of millions, both soldiers and civilians. In terms of civilian casualties, Zale and the League suffered the worst. In terms of soldiers, the PGF and URFZ lost more, though mainly because they had more to deploy in the first place. Both sides had similar casualty numbers. The toll of this war is enough to make all Kalixcian nations hesitant about causing any other major wars in the future. Further conflict between the PGF and URFZ will be had through proxy wars, economic conflict, and technological races.

Post-Bezuts Systemary War

  • 65 FS
    • A breakthrough with Bluespace research occurs, as an Antecannal League scientist discovers how to use Bluespace to teleport small objects around a room. Research is conducted by all nations to develop this into a larger scale.
  • 79 FS
    • The research is a success, as URFZ and AL scientists working together successfully jump a small shuttle across the Bezuts system in only a few minutes, rather than the eight days it took with the thrusters of the time.
    • The PGF quickly mirrors this research, and performs a successful test of its own. The Federation has not stated if they developed this naturally, or if espionage was involved.
  • 80 FS
    • The URFZ uses this technology to send a shuttle of both their own diplomats and explorers and those of the Antecannal League to the Kepori homeworld of Teceti, opening up official face-to-face relations. This gives the URFZ a major advantage over the PGF.
    • The URFZ provides their Bluespace technology to the Kepori.
  • 82 FS
    • The PGF sends their own representatives to Teceti, in an attempt to establish the same kinds of relations with the Kepori as the URFZ has. While they are able to open friendly relations, the Kepori government, the Risolrela Teceti Kadasolsi, consistently remains closer to the URFZ in all things.
  • 85 FS
    • The PGF jumps a shuttle into a neighboring system, which is soon confirmed to have a lifebearing planet. Efforts to colonize this world begin, but they are slow, as with the current technology only small vessels like shuttles can make bluespace jumps.
  • 90 FS
    • The PGF's extrasolar colony project proves successful, with the colony becoming self-sustaining that year.
    • This triggers a wave of colonization from the PGF, URFZ, and Antecannal League, as all attempt to colonize systems nearby to Bezuts. The Zale Houses do not have the resources to commence such a program, and as such simply send people with the PGF's ships. This colonization wave lasts for around sixty years, until a major development evolves it.
  • 150 FS
    • Bluespace technology advances to the point where ships larger than shuttles can make long-distance jumps, allowing for trade between systems. Both the PGF and URFZ use this to open trade with Riso-Teceti.
    • The colonization wave continues, but this time with larger, more long distance capable ships, allowing for the Kalixcian nations to reach even further out. This steady expansion remains the status quo for the next century. The Kepori, represented by their Riso-Teceti government, join this colonization wave with efforts of their own.
    • Kepori begin immigrating to the Kalixcian nations, and Sarathi and Elzuosa begin immigrating to Riso-Teceti.
  • 250 FS
    • A PGFN vessel on patrol makes first contact with a Solarian vessel, marking first contact between humanity and the rest of the galaxy.
    • The PGF shares this new contact with all nations they are currently in contact with. As with every other instance of first contact, technology is shared, and humans begin immigrating to Kalixcian nations as Kalixcians begin immigrating to the Solar Confederation.
  • 283 FS
    • Nanotrasen is founded, a joint venture between citizens of the Solar Confederation and the URFZ.
    • Etherbor Industries, a PGF-born company, utilizes their political clout to force the PGF legislature to pass laws that cripple Nanotrasen's operations within PGF territory, to prevent the megacorp from threatening Etherbor's monopoly over the tech and weapons industries in the PGF. This proves successful, but it harms relations between the PGF and Nanotrasen.
  • 291 FS
    • The URFZ beats the PGF to colonizing the region now known as "The Frontier". They establish many colonies in the region before the PGF can even establish one.

Fall of the URFZ

  • 379 FS
    • The URFZ is torn apart by revolution as multiple political groups all rise up in armed rebellion against both the government and each other.
    • The PGF secretly funnels weapons and funding to every single faction within the revolution, except the federal government, in hopes of losing the URFZ as a rival and starting off on the right foot with the new regime.
  • 381 FS
    • The URFZ and all other factions are defeated by a faction of religious theocrats belonging to the religion known as "Astrometry". They declare the creation of the Zohil Explorat, controlling most of Zohil's former territory, with an oligarchy of Astrometry religious leaders in control.
    • The Zohil Explorat proves no more willing to be friendly with the PGF than the URFZ. Rather than losing a rival, the PGF simply traded one for another.
  • 395 FS
    • After a failed attempt to reconquer their Frontier colonies that declared independence during the revolution, the Zohil Explorat retracts themselves into isolation from the rest of the galaxy. While they still maintain their existing territory, they move their capital off of Kalixcis. The location of their new capital is currently unknown, except that it is called "The Blueflame".

The Frontiersmen War

  • 400 FS
    • The Colonial Militia, previously the Militia First Fleet, is founded from former URFZ colonies in The Frontier who refused to join with the Explorat. Considering that relations have not changed with Zohil despite the change in government, the PGF establishes treaties, trade, and eventually an alliance with the Militia against their mutual enemies.
  • 405 FS
    • Making good on their agreement with Militia, the PGF begins to station patrol ships on the edges of The Frontier, to assist CLIP's military forces against their mutual enemies, such as pirates and the Frontiersmen. Unbeknownst to both sides, the Explorat is supplying the Frontiersmen with weapons and funds in an attempt to weaken both CLIP and the PGF.

Inter-Corporate Wars

  • 485 FS
    • The Intercorporate Wars between Nanotrasen and the Syndicate begin. Both the PGF and Zohil Explorat remain neutral.
  • 492 FS
    • Following a Gorlex Marauders terrorist attack against Nanotrasen that results in the deaths of a large number of PGF citizens, the PGF declares the Gorlex Marauders as terrorists and joins the ICW, launching a campaign that results in the nuclear annihilation of several Gorlex bases from orbit.
  • 495 FS
    • Though they do not sign it, as no formal war was declared, the PGF respects the treaty that marks the end of the ICW, and stands down from their attacks on the Gorlex Marauders.
  • 505 FS
    • The PGF begins to make another attempt at expansion into The Frontier.

Playing a Member of this Faction

If you are on a PGF ship, you are a member of the Federation's armed forces, and thus, must act under military regulation.

  • If you are in the Navy, you are expected to play a support role back on the ship, either piloting, engineering, medical, or any other number of shipboard roles. Navy members take orders from the Captain, and do not take orders from Marine Officers.
  • If you are a Marine, you are expected to guard the ship from potential hostiles, and serve on any and all away teams unless told otherwise. Marines take orders from Marine Officers above anyone else, excluding the Captain.

Uniform Regulations

You are a soldier, and as such you have to follow PGF Uniform Regulations. The regulations are simple. Within the PGF Military, the half-cape worn by all personnel displays rank. You must wear it at all times. Other than that, feel free to mix and match the extent of the PGF wardrobe, as long as you keep it clear what role you are. Don't go running around in Marine fatigues if you aren't one.

Your Mission

While your immediate objective may vary from ship to ship, from Captain to Captain, and from Officer to Officer, the PGF has an extremely clear pair of overarching objectives. They are as follows:

  1. The PGF is currently making another attempt to settle colonies in the Frontier. Your ship is to scout out worlds for potential colonies, denoting resources, wildlife, threats, and is to send word of good possible colony locations to the Administration of Colonial Affairs, so that colonization and the expansion of the Federation way of life can begin promptly.
  2. CLIP has a military alliance with the PGF. In any conflict that CLIP forces are involved in, PGF forces are expected to assist CLIP personnel. Similarly, PGF forces can expect CLIP forces to take their side in any conflict. Your primary targets are pirates, Frontiersmen, and Zohil. Try to at least be tactful and attempt negotiating before shooting if the conflict you are helping CLIP out with is against any other faction, as bloodthirsty as your Marines may be feeling. You don't want to cause a diplomatic disaster.
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