Colonial League of Independent Planets

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The Colonial League
Basic Information
Official Name: The Colonial League of Independent Planets
Other Names: Colonial Militia
Capital: Luna-Town
Structure: Government
Denonym(s): Minutemen, Blueberries
Founded: FS 500

  • Very Angry Independents
  • The Antichrist

“Together, we stand tall against our threats”
—  Official motto of the League

The Colonial League of Independent Planets (shortened to CLIP, and originally the Colonial Militia) is a group of colonies, originating from the United Republics of Free Zohil, that have banded together to form a new faction. While CLIP was initially formed as a ragtag planetary defense force, it has since been remolded into a somewhat coherent government.


While at first glance the League may look a simple military government, they have a large amount of divisions for military and civilian use.

The Colonial Minutemen (CMM)

The military arm of the Colonial League of Independent Planets is the Colonial Minutemen. Sometimes nicknamed "Blueberries" for their steel blue uniforms and helmets, the CMM is in charge of all defensive and offensive military strategy within CLIP.

Biohazard Assessment and Removal Division (CMM-BARD)

A division originally dedicated to the research and removal of Xenofauna. Originating in 422 as the Unknown Threats Division, the UTD researched and fought xenofauna, before rechristening itself as the BARD. While their original goal remains a priority, BARD also prioritizes disease control.

The Galactic Optimum Labor Division (CMM-GOLD)

A division formed during the stint of the UTD, the Galactic Optimum Labor Division is a regulatory body designed to ensure colonial autarky, as well as draw funding for the Minutemen Corps. Almost every planet in Minutemen space has a GOLD Office on it. Considered by many to be a respectable, if not essential part of the Minutemen.

Legal Oversight and Regulation Division (CLIP-LORD)

The Legal Oversight and Regulation Division is the civil and legal regulatory organ of the Colonial League. Their line of work ranges from covering rights and responsibilities of citizens to elaboration of conventions and settling land or ownership disputes between colonies.

Legislative Agricultural Notation Division (CLIP-LAND)

After the conflict with the Frontiersmen pirate fleet, a commission was formed in order to coordinate colony development, especially in the agricultural sense. Eventually, this commission formed into the Legislative Agricultural Notation Division, which branched out its work into colony infrastructure and overall social welfare.

Materiel Engineering and Leasing Division (CLIP-MELD)

The origin of the Materiel Engineering and Leasing Division lies within the factories of Lanchester City, which manufactured many of the military hardware in use by the CMM today. They are often found assisting other divisions with engineering aid.

Drug Evaluation and Enhancement Division (CLIP-DEED)

The Drug Evaluation and Enhancement Division's focus lies on the research, development and creation of medicine, though shares common ground with the healthcare sector in the Colonial League.


  • The Minutemen lack a unified culture, with most citizens deriving such from local customs and history instead. The lack of a unifying culture is a major disadvantage in the face of encroaching soft power from places such as Kalixcis.
  • Those serving in the armed forces often have an “aggressive” attitude towards things, favoring a direct and generally uncomplicated approach both in and out of combat. This is one of the few things universal characteristics of a Minuteman.
  • While exaggerated and unrealistic pirate costumes are popular or innocuous in most of the known galaxy, they are considered offensive in the founding colonies of the Minutemen, due to an extensive and unpleasant history with pirate attacks in the colonies.


  • While their relationship has become strained after the ICW, the Minutemen enjoy a generally positive relationship with Nanotrasen, due to GOLD’s generally laissez-faire attitude towards trade.
    • This has resulted in a quite large amount of growth within the Minutemen in the past 100 years, from all the way back when Nanotrasen Electronics establishing stock part manufacturing facilities on CMM colonies to DeForest Medical establishing several research stations in recent additions to Colonial Minutemen space.
    • Despite this, GOLD does not back down from any laws that Nanotrasen have broken. In 471, Nanotrasen was fined due to attempted smuggling of xenofauna for ‘research’ purposes.
  • Because of the above, the Syndicate have a varying relationship with the Minutemen.
    • While some believe that the Minutemen are helping Nanotrasen being the evil megacorporation, others believe that the Minutemen are standing up to ‘big’ NT.
  • SolGov is neutral to the Minutemen, in traditional Solarian style.


Colonial Milita, The Milita-Frontiersman War

  • The Colonial Minutemen were officially formed in FS-400, but their shared history begins all the way back in FS-370.
  • Around this time, trade was emerging between Kalixcis and other powers as bluespace technology improved significantly over the past 300 years.
  • The United Republics of Free Zohil, in order to gain a edge over the other countries of Kalixcis, started an initiative to colonizing worlds inside their trade routes. In 373, Luna-Town was founded, the future capital of the League. Most of the starting Minutemen colonies would be also be founded during this period.
    • Pirates, also taking advantage of the rushed foundation of trade routes, rapidly sprung up in the region, and had begun conducting extensive raids on colonies.
    • By FS-385, the URFZ had began to withdraw from these sectors, and had completely pulled out by FS-386.
  • As time marched on, the trade routes lost much of their value and prestige, and conflict on Kalixcis forced Zohil to move their focus and power back home.
  • Around this time, a pirate fleet, now known as the Old Frontiersmen, had formed plans began to take advantage of the chaotic retreat of Zohil.
    • The Frontiersmen had made a name for themselves by attacking pirates, executing the captain, and keeping the crew alive to expand their fleet. The sheer amount of manpower available to the fleet had begun causing pirate captains began to join the Frontiersmen, both for the benefits of being part of the fleet and out of fear that they would be next.
  • The Frontiersmen had started to target the colonies by FS-387.
    • The militias, while adequate at staving off small pirate crews, were completely overwhelmed by the massive and organized Frontiersmen pirate fleet.
  • In FS-388, during an particularly intense raid, the militia of Radinska is wiped out following a coordinated pirate flank on the urban areas of the colony.
  • Captain Frontiersman, rather than ransacking the colony, decides to seize control.
  • A streak of defeats and losses follow the colonies, up until FS-389. The Luna-Town militia, desperate and severely lacking in supplies, had started searching for salvage to use in the defensive effort.
    • A vessel that was seemingly plain scrap was located. A large cache of equipment, including multiple, extremely-old yet intact models of P16s, blue ballistic helmets with white markings, and miscellaneous materiel and training documents were encountered by the team, and subsequently brought back to the colony. The vessel’s markings had long faded away, making the vessel’s origin a mystery, but it was later called the UNSV Lichtenstein by various colonists.
  • Later that year, two Frontiersmen cruisers are sent to attempt to wipe out and potentially capture the planet.
    • Due to the various victories achieved by the fleet previously, furthermore the poor equipment of previously encountered regiments, the first of the cruisers attempts a confident lighting attack towards the colony.
    • The battle lasted about 3 hours, from the landing of the vessel to the retreat of the second ship. Following the cruiser's landing, an ambush by forces in Luna-Town catches the pirate line off-guard. Usage of the equipment found on the UNSV Lichtenstein created a massive advantage for the defending forces.
    • After the Militia on Luna Town wins a very swift victory and seizes the landed pirate ship, CLIP's accounts of the battle claims that the Frontiersmen that were evacuated to the other cruiser in orbit were shot down in, roughly, a minute.
    • News of this victory spread far and wide throughout the colonies, granting some hope to the besieged.
  • Hoping to still catch the pirates off guard, the Planet of Lanchester City is taken by colonial forces.
    • Lanchester City is a highly industrial planet with a large mineral supply, very well known for its many factories. This planet would be important to the Milita for the remainder of the war.
  • In 390, after replicating and distributing the newly found equipment, the Luna-Town Militia removes many planets and colonies from control of the Frontiersmen fleet.
    • This was also around the time the colonies agreed on unifying their efforts. An alliance was formed within all the founding members of CLIP, marking the beginning of the Colonial Minutemen.
    • The slang term was “Minutemen”, named after the highly-inspiring story of the pirate ship that got shot down in a single minute, and not after militias ready at a minute's notice.
  • the next 10 years are misc war fighting and stuff, the usual war stuff like death and shooting and explosions and probably the usual warcrimes
  • In FS-400, the final remainders of the Frontiersmen are confronted in their sector of operations. By this time, the fleet had been driven to exhaustion via an extensive siege, and remaining forces had begun deserting the fleet. A rather anti-climatic final attack landed the final nail in the coffin for the Frontiersmen.
  • After roughly 13 years of war, the Colonies that comprised the Militia had a meeting, discussing plans for advancing forward.
    • While the alliance had worked for the purposes of fighting the pirates, it had left behind a large trail of destruction and put aside the day-to-day life of the colonies.
    • The Militia is planned to be restructured into the Colonial League of Independent Planets, later announced later that year in a very historic speech for the CMM.
  • This era is dominated by the newly-formed GOLD, LAND, and LORD, attempting to rebuild the colonies.
    • Following a demilitarization effort, the armed forces of the Minutemen downsize considerably during this time.
    • Many of the civilian divisions, especially GOLD, were expanded upon in the next 20 years.

Xenofauna Infestation

  • In FS-421, a type 8 earthquake shakes Ryunosuke.
    • While being sent relief, the Minutemen and the Galaxy at large were introduced to xenofauna.
    • While Xenofaunas existence were hinted and even warned 50 years prior, they were largely ignored by colonists and Zohil alike.
    • After a attempt to fight the Xenofauna like pirates go wrong, the UTD is formed, and after a years of holding against the Xenofauna the UTD devise weaponry and strategies to counter the Xenofauna.
    • The UTD is restructured into BARD shortly afterwards.
  • This is a gross oversimplification, a more in depth history can be found in the main BARD article.

Minutemen Today

Despite many setbacks, the Minutemen still exist in the present day. However, the post-ICW era has brought many challenges to the Minutemen.

  • The ICW leaves many colonies by both Nanotrasen and the Syndicate alike abandoned, and the inhabitants of these colonies are more than happy to join the Minutemen. This strains the Minutemen’s historically good relationship with Nanotrasen.
  • In FS-498, a terrorist attack shook the faction, as a terrorist attack to Luna-Town was extensively reported on.
    • Not too long after, a terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, and proclaimed the Frontiersmen were back.
  • This “New Frontiersmen” appears to be using dated, ineffective designs for their equipment rather than new, cutting edge equipment that their older counterpart. Whenever these are old abandoned caches or new reproductions are unknown. They have sworn death and revenge on the League, and prove a stopgap in CLIP operations.

Playing a member of this faction

  • dont ditch the uniform for fucks sake
  • todo
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