The Syndicate

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The Syndicate
Syndicate Logo.png
Basic Information
Official Name: The Anti-Trust Lobby
Other Names: The Syndicate, Syndies
Headquarters: That's Classified
Structure: Coalition
Denonym(s): Syndie
Founded: FSC-???

  • We Hate NanoTrasen
  • We Hate NanoTrasen
  • We Fucking Hate NanoTrasen

“Ideals, profits, protection, revenge. A lot of folks had a lot of reasons to want Nanotrasen broken. Well, they got it, and they don’t quite seem to know what to do next.”
— A Luna dome-city resident when asked about their thoughts on the weather.

The Syndicate is a coalition formed on one core ideological tenet: Nanotrasen must fall. However, in the course of the Inter-Corporate Wars, both sides fought to a catastrophic, bloody stalemate. With each side having exhausted themselves, the two warring sides agreed to an uneasy ceasefire. In light of the Syndicate's major blow against Nanotrasen’s market capabilities, Syndicate factions have lost momentum, both in fervor and direction.

Though each member faction of the Syndicate has different ideas about how they should continue to pursue their ideological goals, all of them believe that Nanotrasen cannot be allowed to ever again grow too big or too powerful. However, with the ceasefire in place, the Syndicate has largely fallen apart without a common foe, losing cohesion to their disparate ideals.

In modern times, Syndicate factions pursue their agenda largely alone, whether it be by organizing demonstrations and rallies, or by in preparing themselves for the battles they believe still loom on the horizon.

Playing a member of this faction

  • You are not violently hostile, or antagonists by default unlike on other servers. Not to Inteq, not to the Colonial Minutemen, and, despite latent hostility, not even to Nanotrasen. Due to how costly the Inter-Corporate Wars were for the Syndicate, they want to uphold the ceasefire with Nanotrasen. You are not a pirate faction (the Frontiersmen are). You should avoid dealings with Nanotrasen vessels and can voice your grievances with the company, but you must uphold the delicate balance of power - and the server rules regarding antagonism. Please read the Relations section below for the nuances!
  • Syndicate ships are very often produced and used exclusively by one specific branch of the Syndicate, so make sure you know who your character is working for.


The Syndicate is far from a single organized polity. More often than not, the factions that make up the Syndicate will have squabbles of varying scales, with some going as far as to actively sabotage the operations of other members.

The Anti-Corporation Liberation Front

What initially began as a hunger strike on a Nanotrasen station snowballed into the current largest opposition group against Nanotrasen, the Anti-Corporation Liberation Front. The ACLF is the founding member of the Syndicate and by far the largest, with conservative estimates of ACLF membership within the hundreds of millions.

  • The motivations, ideology and goals of individual members of the ACLF vary wildly, from passing simple anti-trust legislation to the total dissolution of Nanotrasen. Various sub-factions exist within the ACLF, sharing closer ideological beliefs.
  • Action taken by ACLF members varies wildly as well; most participate in protests and demonstrations, but some go as far as to actively sabotage Nanotrasen activity. ACLF affiliation and even sympathies are against the law in most Nanotrasen-controlled sectors.
  • A Syndicate Operative is most likely to be picked from a surprisingly large volunteer pool of the ACLF. Irregular warfare is practiced by some especially militant elements of the ACLF, and although rare, the most organized elements of the ACLF provides manpower for conventional actions.

The Gorlex Marauders

Although most ACLF combatants are untrained and inexperienced with the rigors of armed conflict, there is one group that stands out: The Gorlex Marauders.

  • Famous for their professionalism, skill, and efficiency, the Gorlex Marauders are an elite group of former colonists who resorted to piracy when the colony of Gorlex was left without supplies for months.
  • Leaders of the Gorlex Marauders hold influential positions within the Syndicate, with some even being able to sway decision-making in other factions.

Gat Drones

Although not explicitly associated with the Syndicate, the Gat Drones are noteworthy for being the primary suppliers of firearms for Syndicate militants. A specific batch of automated repair drones had a minor flaw in their programming that resulted in a law malfunction, leading to heightened decision-making ability and a hyperfixation on the creation and maintenance of firearms. and tariffs.

Donk! Corporation

Initially started as a toys and novelties company, Donk! Co. is a rapidly expanding megacorporation primarily focused on logistics. They are the newest member of the Syndicate, yet are quickly becoming one of the most instrumental groups to its operations.

  • Donk! takes unconventional approaches to many aspects of their business model, most notably gating shopping with Donk! Corporation behind an annual membership fee. This, among other unorthodox practices, has resulted in Donk! being able to improve working conditions, employee morale, and overall customer satisfaction without a significant loss in profits.
  • Donk! Corporation’s expansion was spurred on indirectly by the aftermath of the Corporate Wars, making a fortune by offering delivery, courier, and transportation services in the frontier with their relatively large fleet.
  • Donk! Corporation is one of the few Syndicate members who works with Nanotrasen on any level. This cooperation is seen as a conflict of interests with many other Syndicate members, making most uncomfortable with working with Donk!. Despite this, Donk! has been cooperative with factions such as the ACLF, giving the Syndicate much needed logistical ability.

Cybersun Virtual Solutions

Cybersun Virtual Solutions, originally a pioneer of in the field of cybernetic implants, is now one of the most respected cybersecurity firms in the market. They have a deep-rooted grudge against a competitor implicated in an attempt to ruin their reputation: NanoTrasen.

  • Cybersun Solutions operates coldly, looking to cut expenses and increase profits wherever it can. Although they do not sacrifice the quality of their products (to keep an edge over Nanotrasen), worker conditions in Cybersun offices and facilities are notoriously poor.
  • While this would normally put them at odds with the more radical elements of the ACLF and Galactic Engineers Concordat (next section), Cybersun’s advanced equipment and rapid prototype-to-production rollout gives them strong leverage with the ACLF and a strange, uncomfortable relationship with the GEC. They might be the only chance a GEC engineer has to submit a design and have it mass-produced for usage.
  • What resulted was a compromise: Cybersun Industries promises better workplace conditions in exchange for continual design improvements from GEC engineers.
  • A number of rumors and conspiracies regarding Cybersun circulate commonly: intentionally creating ransomware that targets vulnerabilities they discover, pouring a majority of their research budget into researching occult rituals, using mind control technologies to strongarm negotiations and deals. Evidence to back these rumors has yet to be found.

The Galactic Engineer’s Concordat

Formed initially as a unionization effort for engineers, the GEC has evolved into a large political-activist group, advocating for worker-controlled organizations and workplace democracy, making decisions about labor as laborers. The GEC joined the Syndicate to help in repairing the damage caused by the Corporate Wars and to protest against Nanotrasen in a more direct way.

  • Two major subfactions: the Moderates, and the Eccentrics.
    • Moderates fight for the rights of workers, especially in regards to Nanotrasen stations. They advocate for a similar hierarchy in the workplace to that of NT stations, with a Chief Engineer overseeing projects.
    • Eccentrics fight for the freedom to push the limits of what is possible, even if it means safety is ignored. They advocate for workplace anarchy; without the need of a Chief Engineer, only the trust of one's fellow workers.
  • Syndicate companies and captains have preferences towards engineers from one of the two sub-factions. Safety-minded Captains prefer Moderates, while risk-takers may gamble with an Eccentric.
  • Chief Engineers aboard Concordat-controlled vessels are elected by the crew to enforce labor standards, and are often required to answer to the workers aboard the vessel.

The Naturalienwissenschaftlicher Studentenverbindungs-Verband

Translating to “Student-Union Association of Naturalistic Sciences”, the NSV (or SUNS) is a loose coalition of several student unions from prestigious universities, united in the pursuit of knowledge in the natural sciences. After several squabbles regarding Nanotrasen, the NSV has called for a hold on internal conflicts to address a growing threat to scientific progress.

  • The NSV is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in the Natural Sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but have a distaste for cybernetics and biomechanical technology as they are deemed to be unnatural. This aversion has complicated relations with Cybersun Solutions, who the NSV views with distrust.
  • Composed of several small, mildly militaristic student unions, with the most notable being the Terrestische Generalmedizinischer Corps (Engl: Terrestrial General Medicine Corps) and the Aestische Agronomium (Engl: Aestuum Agricultural Association).
    • The Terrestrial General Medicine Corps specialize in researching medical applications of newly discovered organisms.
    • The Aestuum Agricultural Association focuses on researching the effects of bluespace on plant life and terraforming.
    • These two groups in particular harbor a deep-rooted rivalry for a number of arbitrary issues, which ties in closely with the next bulletpoint.
  • The NSV shares a stringent moral ruleset with all other SolCon Student Associations, requiring members to uphold and defend their honor in duels if challenged or slighted. NSV members are rarely seen without a blade and are well-drilled in the basic moves of academic fencing (which lacks any practical combat application in the modern day).


The culture of the Syndicate varies depending on which faction one may be a member of.

  • The ACLF, being the largest faction, has the largest differences of ideologies within members, with notable contrast between the least and most radical members.
    • The Gorlex Maruders, being former pirates, are highly military in nature, and uphold such tradition within the Syndicate.
  • Donk functions as a for-profit organization, and naturally falls into a corporate employment structure.
  • Cybersun is similar to Donk in that they follow a corporate hierarchy, with Cybersun operating with a focus on product quality, sometimes disregarding worker conditions.
  • The GEC works as a political movement advocating for better worker conditions and treatment.
  • SUNS is a Solarian students' union, and represent SolGov's naturalistic and scientific values, while also inheriting some of the Syndicate's qualities.


  • Relations with other factions usually fall uneasy for the Syndicate, and are even at odds with themselves.
    • The GEC doesn't like Cybersun due to their practices, but rely on Cybersun for their designs.
    • SUNS remain uncomfortable with Cybersun's biomechanical services.
    • Donk's dealing with NanoTrasen put them at odds with other Syndicate, yet provide important logistical services.
  • The most obvious example of awkward external relations is NanoTrasen. After a long and blood war with their competitors, they are not on friendly terms, but sparking another conflict is not on the table for either.
  • Inteq Management is another faction that holds superficial tension with the Syndicate. A mercenary group composed of former Syndicate and NT members, Inteq upholds their grudge for both groups.
  • Thoughts towards the Colonial Minutemen vary from supportive to troubled. They are mostly hinged on the Minutemen's relaxed attitude towards trade with NT, and their lawsuit against NT for attempted smuggling of alien fauna.
  • In Solarian fashion, the Solarian Government leads a neutral perspective with the Syndicate.