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Basic Information
Official Name: (Both) The Frontiersmen Fleet
Other Names: Terrorists, Pirates, The Fleet,
Capital Ship: (Old) FFV Rawkkriiiehkhaka (New) Unknown
Structure: (Old) Pirate Fleet (New) Very Loosely organized groups of pirates
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: (Old) Before 370 FSC (New) Estimated between 450 to 498 FSC

  • We Hate The Minutemen And Anyone That Supported Them
  • That Means Everyone Pretty Much

The Frontiersmen are a mysterious Terrorist/Pirate group that usually reside in the frontier, under one common purpose - to seek revenge or the total destruction against the Colonial Minutemen and sometimes and more recently keeping the frontier free. However, those in the New Frontiersmen’s goals differ extremely wildly, especially among lower ranking members, and different factions within the group may have different objectives entirely.


The New Frontiersmen are split into many factions, one is suspected to be the 'shotcaller' and leader of sorts, while others may be pirate groups who were allowed to integrate. Because of this, not every Frontiersmen encounter may be the same. They may be organized in a cell structure, attack with guerrilla tactics, or simply commit traditional piracy.

Their ranks are bolstered by desperate salvagers and bloodthirsty soldiers, their ships hastily put together from scrap and sweat. Authority figures within the New Frontiersmen are warlords of sorts who assumed their positions via extraordinary force (of arms or personality) or nepotism.

Bizarrely, a recent development is the recruitment of new members who feel resentment against the growing industrialization and urbanization of the frontier by CLIP (or sometimes Nanotrasen and members of the Syndicate) and thus feel the Frontier becoming 'less free.' Many experts believe the New Frontiersmen's goal about 'keeping the frontier free' is simply to con these 'poor suckers' and that there's no intention of accomplishing this goal.


Their culture is based a lot on The Shoal, since they originate from there, but the modern group appears to actively recruit or impress crew from the spacers of the frontier. The founder, Captain Rawkkriiiehkhaka, or Rawk for short, was a shoal vox, and they've historically recruited a lot of vox originating from there.


Aggresive towards all who have supported the CMM, whether it be now or in the past. This usually means they are aggressive with nearly everyone, if not everyone.


Old Frontiersmen (??? FSC - 400 FSC)

It is unknown when the Frontiersmen appeared, estimates range wildly from 280 FSC all the way to 350 FSC. The frontiersmen first confirmed sighting was by a PGF vessel report in 370 noting that they were ‘unusually well organized and daring for a pirate group’ and that they were unlike ‘all other pirate groups we have seen thus far’.

Led by the extremely ambitious but mysterious Captain Rawk (Rawkkriiiehkhaka), the Frontiersmen made a name for themselves early on by taking on massive amounts of bounty hunters, and after acquiring the resources from said bounty hunters, attacked other pirates while exploiting fear tactics to force the crews to join the fleet, usually by executing captains in front of their crew. Historians believe that the fleet started to recruit Non-Vox crewmembers during this time as the Shoal at this time was still quite isolated from the rest of the galactic community.

In 387 they attempt to seize various colonies that were abandoned by the URFZ during the republic's downfall (these colonies would later become the Confederated League) and are generally successful. However, due to many of the Frontiersmen not being used to traditional warfare, intense resistance, and insanely good luck on the Colonial Militia’s side (Finding and looting the UNSV Lichtenstein), the fleet was destroyed in the year 400 in the Battle of X22-SSR, the final battle of the Frontiersmen war where Rawk was implied to be killed.

Frontiersmen Remnants (400 FSC - around 480 FSC)

Post-Frontiersmen war, the surviving Frontiersmen were left to fend for themselves as the fleet structure collapsed. They would be called the Frontiersmen Remnants and later retroactively called the Old Frontiersmen Remnants. The Remnants became outlaws on the frontier (which was mostly unpatroled at the time) and either joined another pirate group, pirated on their own, or simply abandoning their pirate ways to live in peace outside civilization.

This lead to a incident in 422 FSC where a group of Frontiersmen Remnants fought alongside a C-MM division during the Xenofauna war in an uneasy truce.

Around 450 FSC historians estimate that if any veteran units of the Old Frontiersmen survived, that they would be slowly be dying off of extremely old age after this point. Even with vox's very long lifespan, most Vox that were apart of shoal-era Frontiersmen would be no less than 200 years old at this point, thus there's a consensus that the answer to the Old Frontiersmen's mysterious origins was lost sometime in the following decades.

The Frontiersmen Remnants would continue to shrink from not just age but the rapid industrialization of the frontier by CLIP and various corporations, leading to many who wished to live out in peace to constantly be on the run, and for those who had turned to piracy to be constantly under threat from the very well equipped CLIP. Due to this a stereotype arose in CLIP territories about the elderly hermit who suspiciously does not tell anyone of their past before 400 FSC, alluding to the year the Frontiersmen war ended.

The most famous Frontiersmen Remnant was Betzi-Weedum (Prewar:Cuts-The-Throats) who became famous for creating replicas of Old Frontiersmen weaponry for Lanchester Import Co. to sell to civilians before they were discovered to be a former Frontiersmen and arrested. They died in 488 FSC. This date is also sometimes used to mark the end of the Frontiersmen Remnants.

New Frontiersmen (498 - present)

Following a terrorist attack on Luna-Town in 498, the leader of the attack took responsibility, proclaiming that “The Frontiersmen are back to destroy CLIP!” Despite this claim, there is little evidence linking the historical Frontiersmen and this New Frontiersmen, and the few things linking them together are their uniforms and weaponry.

Afterwards, CLIP has dispatched almost every C-MM patrol vessel to search for the group, however, they appear to operate almost entirely outside of civilized sectors in the frontier, making them difficult to take down.

Playing a member of this faction

Generally, you shouldn't be able to play this faction, so this section isn't necessary reading. However, I am aware you may be spawned as them during events. The New Frontiersmen are generally fractured and split so your each crew will vary wildly, just try to act similarly to the rest of your crew if your character is a one-off.

However there are some things you should NOT do as a Frontiersmen.

If you become a Frontiersmen during an event, you are NOT...

  • A "yarrr harrr" pirates. Don't do this.
  • Comedically evil. You are allowed to be evil, but it should be means to an end evil, rather than evil for the hell of it.
  • Completely loyal to the Frontiersmen. Frontiersmen are united for their hatred for CLIP or love for plundering depending on the subfaction, not so much because they 'are' a Frontiersmen. Basically, dying for the "glory of the Frontiersmen" should not be common unless your Frontiersmen is a 100+ year old Old Frontiersmen or one of the 'poor suckers' mentioned in the Structure section. You ARE however encouraged to be loyal to your own crew.

Others probably...

  • Think you're completely irredeemable.
  • Feel sorry for you if you are naive and probably apart of the Frontiersmen due to circumstance or a 'poor sucker'.
  • Regardless how bad they feel, see you as target practice.


  • The elderly human woman declaring themselves the leader of the New Frontiersmen looks strikingly familar to a young girl in a 100 year old photograph with Captain Rawk and their daughter.
  • The name of the Leader of the New Frontiersmen is unknown, but in internal circles they're known as "K".
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