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Basic Information
Official Name: (Both) The Frontiersmen Fleet
Other Names: Terrorists, Pirates, The Fleet,
Capital Ship: (Old) FFV Rawkkriiiehkhaka (New) Unknown
Structure: (Old) Pirate Fleet (New) Very Loosely organized groups of pirates
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: (Old) Estimated between 350 FSC to 370 FSC (New) Estimated between 450 to 498 FSC

  • We Hate The Minutemen And Anyone That Supported Them
  • That Means Everyone Pretty Much

The Frontiersmen are a mysterious Terrorist/Pirate group that usually reside in the frontier, under one common purpose - to seek revenge against the Colonial Minutemen. However, those in the New Frontiersmen’s goals differ wildly, especially among lower ranking members.


The New Frontiersmen do not have a very defined structure. Their ranks are bolstered by desperate salvagers and bloodthirsty soldiers, their ships hastily put together from scrap and sweat. Authority figures within the New Frontiersmen are warlords of sorts who assumed their positions via extraordinary force (of arms or personality) or nepotism.


Their culture is based a lot on The Shoal, since they originate from there, but the modern group appears to actively recruit or impress crew from the spacers of the frontier. The founder, Captain Rawkkriiiehkhaka, or Rawk for short, was a shoal vox, and they've historically recruited a lot of vox originating from there.


Aggresive towards all who have supported the CMM, whether it be now or in the past. This usually means they are aggressive with nearly everyone, if not everyone.


Old Frontiersmen

It is unknown when the Frontiersmen appeared, but their first known sighting is by a PGF vessel report in 370 noting that they ‘appear unusally well organized for pirates’ and that they had ‘strangely standardized uniforms unique from all other pirate groups thus far’.

Led by the extremely ambitious but mysterious Captain Rawk, the Frontiersmen made a name for themselves early on by taking on massive amounts of bounty hunters, and after acquiring the resources from said bounty hunters, attacked other pirates while exploiting fear tactics to force the crews to join the fleet, usually by executing captains in front of their crew.

In 387 they attempt to seize various colonies that were abandoned by the URFZ which would later become the Colonial Minutemen and are generally successful. However, due to many of the Frontiersmen not being used to traditional warfare, intense resistance, and insanely good luck on the Colonial Militia’s side (Finding and looting the UNSV Lichtenstein), the fleet was destroyed in the year 400 in the Battle of X22-SSR, the final battle of the Frontiersmen war.

New Frontiersmen

Following a terrorist attack on Luna-Town in 498, the leader, a woman who looks strikingly familiar to the young girl seen in many photographs of Rawk's daughter, Lieutenant Frontiersman, took responsibility, proclaiming that “The Frontiersmen are back to destroy the CMM!” Despite this claim, there is little evidence linking the historical Frontiersmen and this New Frontiersmen, and the few things linking them together are their uniforms and weaponry.

The CMM has dispatched almost every patrol vessel to search for the group, however, they appear to operate almost entirely outside of civilized sectors in the frontier, making them difficult to take down.

Playing a member of this faction

  • Frontiersmen are not available outside of admin events or NPC enemies. You can, however, roleplay a former frontiersmen.
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