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Maxin System
Basic Information
Official Name: Kanler-332
Other Names: N/A
Capital Planet: Luna-Town
Structure: mmm... berries
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: XXX FSC

  • Core of CLIP
  • Makes guns
  • Makes babies who take the guns and shoot pirates

"The average minutemen enlistee would tread barefoot through hell and back if you told them it was for Luna-Town."
— Lieu'Col'Mio, Flag Officer of the C-MM

The Kanler-332 system, colloquially known as the Maxin System, is the system housing Maxin (also known as Kanler-332b), a gas giant, and it's two orbiting moons. While the gas giant is fairly unremarkable, the two moons orbiting it house Luna-Town and Lanchester City (also known as Kanler-332b II and II-B, respectively), the former being the capital of the Colonial League and the latter being its industrial core.

Notable Locations


This is the star. It's probably very bright. It could also be a giant blueberry muffin for all I know.


This is Kanler-332b. It's a gas giant. They probably send Frontiersmen corpses to this place.


The very heart of the Confederated League. Luna-Town is a very influential player in CLIP politics, and its newer districts extremely formal and modern, reminiscent of any modern space cosmopolis - however, the less developed areas, located around the core districts, are subject to poverty.

Lanchester City

What if we put the industrial elements of China in California? was the question asked by Min Yut Men, creator of the Confederated League. The resulting endeavor was Lanchester City, headquarters of MELD and an unmatched industrial manufacturing power run by a single-party system.



Are you a phorid? You can't live here!


I don't know. Patriotic, presumably.

Lanchester City

The average Minutemen civil engineer thrives on a diet of cold pizza, and either expired energy drinks or oversaturated, cheap espressos.


Sorry, I forgot. Check the faction page.


Not very fond of pirates. How can I laugh at this? There's no blueberry joke.

Playing a character from this location

As a resident of the System, you might...

  • Hate pirates. Shoot pirates. Sloppily make out with pirates, in a platonic, toxic yuri way.

Others probably...

  • Confuse you for a blueberry.