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Druja System
Basic Information
Official Name: Ultor-442 (I made this the fuck up)
Other Names: N/A
Capital Planet: Serene
Structure: Colony
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: XXX FSC

  • Giant Snowball
  • Sodden boots, heavy coats
  • Frostbite

"From the first light ray, to the midnight clear, can we carve a way through this white frontier?"
— Alec Hamil, Logistics Officer of the C-MM

Notable Locations


A cold, unforgiving place. Any other season than Winter does not exist in Serene. Morning people are nonexistent. Barrel fires are popular gathering zones.



What if we engaged in a dogfight and rammed our planes and fired at each other while parachuting down to the snow and then we crawled bleeding on the snow with knifes on our hands towards each other? Would that be yuri or what?


My theory is that Serene are all displaced British colonizers, and they have a giant heater in the center of the planet.


eat pirates eat pirates eat pirates FSC 221 eight hundred billion dead

Playing a character from this location

As a resident of the System, you might...

  • Be resistant to the merciless cold.
  • Have lost a finger or two to frostbite.
  • Favor firewood and hunting over plasma heating and synthetic food.

Others probably...

  • May confuse you for an icicle.