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Placeholder System
Basic Information
Official Name: Placeholder System
Other Names: N/A
Capital Planet: Star City
Structure: city
Denonym(s): Not Specified
Founded: XXX FSC

  • Has a city in the middle of a desert
  • Makes money
  • heavenly father lead me not into temptation

"Need money? Come to Star City. You can win it all back."
— A soon-to-be homeless resident of Star City

The Placeholder system, sometimes known as the Placeholder System, is a very popular vacation place for affluent students and desperate gamblers due to its main attraction, Star City.

Notable Locations

Star City

It's a gigantic collection of casinos and entertainment centers in the middle of an arid climate planet.


Star City

The best and the worst gangsters, officers and minutemen deal in chips from Star City.


i shot and killed a colonial league inspector in FSC 500. i continue to evade the authorities to this day



Playing a character from this location

As a resident of the System, you might...

  • Love money. Eat money. Sloppily make out with money in a platonic, yaoi way.

Others probably...

  • Assume you are part of the 90% who quit before they make it big.