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— skrem upon seeing any alien lifeform vaguely taller than him

The Coveted Form
Basic Information
Origin Point: The Void
Temp Range: 250-260K
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Diet: Coffee and alcohol

  • Brimmed with malice
  • Likes things with tails, horns
  • Yearns for sharp teeth
  • Lorema's stupidest soldier
a sangheili boywife

Memento of Duty

completed to some acceptable standard (for now)

  • the syndicate page
  • this page

on my current hit list (in no particular order)

  • pgf
  • zohil
  • solgov
  • ngr
  • suns
  • rachnids
  • srm

Mission Statement

  1. To contribute by maddingly scribbling when the spirit overtakes me
  2. To help continue and build upon the foundations that the Boy™ has laid down, amongst several others
  3. To inspire and cultivate delightful, deeper developments among player characters - ones that engage with each other and the setting
  4. be gay and problematic
  5. kill gamers
  6. eat dead people

Intercepted Transmission

The hunger is never-ending.

Cravings that crawl over the skull, insects tapping legs on cranial bone. The feral frothing - the need to partake.
The sarathi were first. It was not enough. Next were the elzuose. It was not enough. Rachnids. Not enough.
A greater form. A better form. Something dangerous. Something disturbing. Something delectable.

The sinew shall stretch sufficiently.