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Under Construction

This page is unfinished and is subject to change. Just like the wiki, really...

Thanks for showing interest in helping the Wiki. If you're here to just read the page, that's fine too. There's a few things you'll want to follow before you get typing up articles.

First Things First

Create an account, and log into it. That way, your edits are accredited to your name! You might also need approval in the future from a Wiki Admin for your account to be created.

Style Guide

The objective of any wiki is to inform, and we strive to do this somewhat formally, with a pinch of comedy.

A good ship page needs:

  • The Maps template, at the top of the page.
  • The Relevant Autowiki template with relevant information, just below the Maps template. Autowiki templates are structured like Autowiki/Content/Ships/Ship-class.
  • An Overview section, with a bullet list of standard equipment.
  • A Gameplay/How Should I Pilot This section, which describes how the ship will play out.
  • An External Links section. It's good to link the ship's page map viewer, and perhaps some other junk that might give more insight into the ship, like their faction page.
  • Many hyperlinks. Remember to add links to ships, jobs, items and guides you mention.
Important Notes
  • Edit summaries should be clear, concise, and no more than a few sentences.
  • The Wiki will be read by everyone, both new and old. Make sure it's friendly for both.
    • Make sure your jokes are funny. Please.
  • The "Edit" button utilizes Mediawiki's Visual Editor, which provides a fancy interface for users who may be less proficient with wikicode. The "Edit Source" button uses the old-fashioned but versatile source editor.
  • Do not touch lore pages! Lore pages are written by a lore team, and you may want to ask for their blessing before messing with them in any significant way.
  • The Wiki is never done.


It's the weird language we use on the wiki for syntax. Very important in source editing! It's not mandatory, but certainly very helpful.


Say you're looking at the Guide to Ghetto Chemistry and you notice, well, that something is wrong! Maybe a word is spelled incorrectly, maybe something is listed in the wrong place, whatever. Here's what you can do to remedy this and make it just a little better for the next shmuck who comes along.

Step 1: Enter Edit Mode.

You do this by clicking either the Edit or Edit Source button located in the top right. The Edit button puts you the visual editor and the Edit Source button puts you in source editing. To see the difference, see the glossary.

Step 2: Find where the error is and fix it.

Using the visual editor makes this easier, and is recommended for most changes.

Step 3: Save your changes.

Hit the save button in the top right. This opens the save window. Write what edits you made in the summary box. If you forgot, you can hit the Review Changes button. Tick the This is a minor edit box if you made a minor edit, like fixing a typo or changing the wording to be more clear. Ticking the Watch this page box lets you know if it's been edited.

Advanced Changes

Coming soon. For now, just complain in #wikidev on the discord or fuck around and find out.

What does the wiki need?

Usually, if you ask in #wikidev on the discord, you'll get a good answer. But here's some suggestions anyways:

Ship Pages

Obviously, Shiptest is very much based around ships, and those who want to know about their ship would appreciate wiki pages (instead of scrambling about in the discord). If a ship's link is red, it needs a page! The template with those ships also gets outdated somewhat often - you are encouraged to keep it up to date!

Object Pages

We have a lot of items in-game, and not a lot of pages categorizing them. We also have some Shiptest-exclusive stuff - it'd be appreciated if these were listed!

Wanted Pages

We also have a lot of wanted pages. They are most ship pages. These are pages that are linked, but do not exist. If you are making one of these, make sure it doesn't exist already under a different name.