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When an admin feels like the round is too slow, boring, or otherwise feels like conscripting the dead to do their bidding, there's a very high chance Pirates might spawn.


  • You cannot be a pirate under normal circumstances. Pirates are exclusive to admin events, and if you raid a ship without the blessing of one, you risk getting bwoinked.
  • Expect to fail your objectives. You are an enemy of the sector, and every ship not on your side, ranging from the smallest frigate to the largest battle cruiser, is against you.
    • The final goal of your nefarious deeds is interesting roleplay. You are in a position to make a ship's tale more interesting, take advantage of it.
  • You cannot be an unprecedented asshole. Your status of being a pirate is to make the round a more interesting tale, not to ruin it.
  • An admin will give you instructions if you are spawned as a pirate. Prioritize their instructions over this article - the article is only meant to provide context and a few expectations, not instructions.

What Does A Pirate Do?

The objectives of a pirate usually adapt to the context of a round, and, as they are admin-only, fluctuate depending on what the admin wants them to do. Here are some example goals that pirates might have:

  • Kidnap a certain amount of crew.
  • Reach a certain amount of credits.
  • Steal a certain amount and type of object.
  • Eliminate, or capture, a certain vessel.
  • Raid the sector Outpost.

Types of Pirates

If you do land a job as a ruffian in frontier space, you will most likely be associated with one of the following groups:

Faction Description

The Frontiersmen Fleet is the most sizable, varied and common team of pirates/terrorists within frontier space. They wear beige colored uniforms and are often seen using surplus equipment. They have sworn revenge to, and are in fierce fighting with the Colonial League.
Ramzi Clique
Formerly part of the Gorlex Marauders, they broke off from their compatriots and turned to pirating to dull their supply shortages. Many are veterans of the corporate wars. They use weathered syndicate equipment, and their most iconic piece of equipment is their yellow-brown, taped-together hardsuits. They despise the other splinters of the Gorlex Marauders, which are the 2nd Battlegroup, and the Hardliners under Cybersun.

Independent Pirates
None of the above? Then you might be an Independent Pirate! A complete wildcard in its aspects, including crew size, gear, ship class, and policy! Make up a backstory, and get an idea of what you want to be doing.