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Roundstart Races

You can pick these in the character creator.


Bald, tall monkeys, originating from Earth in the Sol system. Founded SolGov. Probably killed each other in the Night of Fire. Can use genetic modification to receive cat, fox, or elf features.


  • Have a lot of emote sounds.
  • No special traits, but no special drawbacks.
  • Eh.


Mothpeople are humanoid bugs with a resemblance to Solarian moths, possessing compound eyes, pair of antennae and wings. They famously eat cloth. Nobody knows where they actually came from or what they evolved from, which leaves their culture ultimately undecided. They do share a large amount of DNA with humans - but so do bananas, so who knows?


  • Can fly in low gravity while an atmosphere is still present.
  • Have some emote sounds.
  • Vulnerable to bright lights.
  • Take extra damage from flyswatters.


Rachnids are humanoid bugs with mandibles, an abdomen, and many eyes and arms. They evolved from spider megafauna on Reh'himl, a planet in the Syebenaltch system. Very meritocratic and individualistic, as modern Rachnidian culture focuses on one's own talents. Their names might be confusing.


  • Night vision.
  • Can spin web and cocoons.
  • Terrifying to anyone scared of spiders.


Positronic is a term that encompasses all sorts of mechanical life with synthetic intelligence. Many of them, with different sizes, colors, models, and prices.


  • Charge off APCs.
  • Unique bloodtype.
  • Brain is in the chest.
  • Have some emote sounds.
  • Work off welders and wires instead of stitches and bandages. Automatically revive when healthy enough.
  • Can perform surgery on themselves.
  • Easier to delimb.
  • Do not need to breathe (you still need a spacesuit to spacewalk).
  • Take more brute and burn damage.
  • Get affected by EMPs.


The Sarathi are very adaptive cold-blooded reptilians, with a tail and a snout. Sometimes seen along their robotic cousin, the Synthetics. Evolved alongside the Elzuosa.


  • Have a special synth Full Body Prosthetic.
  • Unique bloodtype.
  • Have a heavy lissssp, and replace X with cks.
  • Can drink welding fuel and then spit a tiny flame out of their mouth to, say, light a cigarette.


Glowing crystal-plant people, with a tail and maybe horns, or antlers. Evolved alongside the Sarathi. Glowing tree things. Walking light bulbs. Horned beanbags.


  • Warm hugs.
  • Eat electricity.
  • eat light bulb cronch cronch


The Kepori are some sort of dinosaurid. They are smaller than most others, and move fast. Not teshari.


  • 1.5x brute and burn damage.
  • Body temperature and their thresholds are 30°K higher. This means you'll start to suffer damage from the cold earlier than others.
  • Take less damage from burning, but more damage from freezing.
  • Move faster than other species.
  • Deal much less unarmed damage.
  • Can only have satchels on their back slot.
  • Can tackle without tackler gloves.


The vox are reptilian alien creatures, with an often fierce and expedient personality. It is not a license to be a shitter.


  • Deal more unarmed damage.
  • Allergic to most human medicine, such as Epinephrine.
  • Some resistance to vacuum.


Not really a species, more-so of the group of people affected by plasma to the point it has replaced organic matter, so you can have plasmamoths, or plasmavox. They have no memories of their previous life. Poorly supported in-game.


  • Combust when exposed to oxygen.
  • they're just plasmamen from tg

Non-Roundstart Races

You have a chance of finding these out in the wild.


I don't think there's actually lore for these. Check back later.


  • Inverse toxin healing.
  • Do not get attacked by slimes.
  • Limbs are reabsorbed when too much limb damage is taken.


If you really think about it, they're just tiny Sarathi. Often seen as ashwalkers. Not a license to be a shitter.


  • hehe, hoarding


No lore either. You can make these.

High Functioning Zombie

People with rotting skin and flesh. Only available in Halloween or admeme shenanigans.


  • Does anyone even see these?

Romerol Zombie

Like the former, but they're infectious, and want to eat your brains. Exercise caution.


Rattle me bones.


oohhh dark spooky shadow people idk man