Most Serene Solar and Intersolar Confederation

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The Most Serene Solar and Intersolar Confederation
Basic Information
Official Name: The Most Serene Solar and Intersolar Confederation
Other Names: Solar Confederation, SolGov
Capital City: Neue Waldstätte, Earth
Structure: Confederal Republic
Denonym(s): Solarian
Founded: FSC-1

  • Aggressively Neutral
  • Pseudo-Luddic Tendencies
  • Nature Rocks

"The State is a sapling: Waters of change may drown it, and rays of fear may wither it, but well-tended it will one day bear fruit."
— Excerpt from A Comprehensive Guide to the Tenets of Solar Statecraft. (120 AEA)
Ministerial Publishing House, Neue Waldstätte, Terra, Sol.

The Most Serene Solar and Intersolar Confederation, and commonly referred to as the Solar Confederation, and colloquially SolGov, is a polity based in the Sol system. The country is a confederal republic divided into numerous cantons and territories, with confederal level institutions based on Terra. The Confederation, sometimes referred to as SolGov, maintains a policy of armed neutrality; it has avoided international conflict since the events of the Night of Fire Incident and avoids association with polarizing alliances. The Sol system has become the location of choice for numerous international organizations and institutions.


SolGov is a semi-direct democratic confederal republic. The territory of SolGov is divided into numerous "Solar" sectors, which function as directly democratic confederal cantons, as well as "Intersolar" frontiers which operate under stratocratic martial law. These cantons differ in exact details of governance, but are required by the Terran Constitution to draft and uphold a constitution of their own. Citizens are granted rights by the Terran Constitution to hold referendums that can directly influence and challenge government and legislation changes, an element of direct democracy.

Many important institutions exist within SolGov to maintain order and stability across all sectors, with vast amounts of resources poured into them.

Department of Administrative Affairs

Of the many confederal-level institutions of the Solar Confederation, none are as powerful nor large as the Department of Administrative Affairs (DAA). Formed as a small supportive office intended to aid in handling miscellaneous issues with interdepartmental cooperation and policy, the DAA has since grown in scope and manpower to 40 billion staff members: a legion of administrators, officials, and civil servants. The DAA handles a wide range of tasks and issues, from representing the Confederation to operating colonial supply lines. It handles most administrative issues outside of the Sol system for the Confederation, and is the second most-likely institution one will encounter on the frontier. All civil servants and administrators start their career in the DAA, and those outside of the DAA frequently interact with it. The DAA, like many gaurgantuan bureaucracies, does not pursue any active agenda, and instead it moreso concerns itself with preserving the status quo.

Sonnensöldneren and Solar Companies

As all able-bodied citizens are required to be drilled in military matters, the Solar Confederation permits those who have completed their compulsory active service period to offer service as a Sonnensöldner — a state-certified mercenary. Many Solar Mercenary Companies and individual specialists will provide their expertise in warfare, policing, military engineering, and intelligence operations for good pay. The Sonnensöldner are required to follow and uphold Solar Law in all of their actions, and must vow to never harm another SolGov citizen in their line of work. Services provided by specialized mercenary companies include:

  • The Expeditionary “Red” Companies (Reisekompanien), which specialize in direct frontline combat. While trained in usage of long-arms and archery, their true colours and talents are shown in the vicious and violent slaughters that befall anyone in range of their Longswords and Polearms. Said “true colours” also apparently seem to be the visceral scarlet splotches and the rust-red gore they inevitably end up covered in, earning them the nickname of “Red” companies.
  • The Stewardship Companies (Verwaltungskompanien), which are elite gendarmerie specializing in military and civil policing. Be it for the sake brief assistance as chartered SWAT units, to proclaim and maintain martial law, or even to run entire nations as military juntas: For a slight fee the Stewardship Companies will gladly enforce Solar Law and help in smoothing over any administration’s dificulties and restore the rule of law. The only hidden cost is that while Solar Law is enforced, local law is not, sometimes resulting in the Sonnensöldner openly overthrowing the government they are employed to support.
  • The Pioneer Companies (Pionierskompanien), which specialize in military engineering and frontier-establishment. Be it the building of bridges, digging of trenches, raising of breastwork, taming of savage wildernesses, or even rudimentary terraforming: Both Battlefields and Frontlines are like clay in their hands, as long as it is in accordance with their regulations.
  • The Information Companies (Evidenzkompanien), which specialize in intelligence and black operations. Their Field Operatives report in such detail that even a transcript of a 30 second conversation might have a few dozen pages worth of supplementary materials, their black chambers copy every piece of correspondence in their area of operations, and their Spymasters have more information on enemy logistics than even the enemy themselves. Clients of information companies are usually only dissatisfied with their propagandists’ constant stream of pro SolGov brainwashing, and the fact that a copy of all dossiers gets faxed straight to Earth.

The Sol Administration

The Sol System itself is ruled centrally from labyrinthian administrative offices on Terra. Understood to be a major remnant from the historical TerraGov, the administration is sometimes referred to as the Terran Regency due to its deeply traditional nature, maintaining standards and policies considered anachronistic and strange in the modern day. The Regency has referred to itself as TerraGov in modern documentation, to the confusion of many inexperienced civil servants. It plays an active role in both governing the Sol system and the military administration of Intersolar sectors. By consequence, the Regency establishes and enforces SolGov's borders, customs, and tariffs.

  • Granted extensive powers in states of emergency, be it regional or in the entirety of the confederation.


SolGov (and all of humanity, to an extent) is culturally dominated by a long daisy chain of perceived duties to serve, with most individual citizens feeling the need to serve society at large, society at large feeling the need to serve the government, and the government feeling the need to serve the individual citizen, with said groups also overlapping to the point where the line between individual, society and government has nearly blurred beyond distinction. The most basic manifestation of this is SolGov's universal conscription, where each citizen must serve at least two months in the military, eleven further months in either military or civil service, and thirty further years as either a military or administrative reservist.

SolGov’s culture has a deep connection to the human homeworld, Terra (also known as Earth), a connection felt even by citizens not from the Sol system. While Terra has recovered well and is once again a jewel of natural beauty, the devastation of the Night of Fire Incident resulted in a profound appreciation of all things considered “natural”. This appreciation for the natural world, in combination with highly conservative and vaguely collectivist values (not in the party-political sense) has lead to most of SolGov culture being tied to vaguely defined senses of spiritual connection to nature, with society and its institutions being seen and interpreted as a force of nature to which sentient beings are naturally attuned.

SolGov relies on technologies considered rudimentary, such as pen-and-paper recordkeeping and faxes. Certain advanced technologies, particularly those to do with body modification, are avoided whenever practical low tech alternatives exist, with cybernetic enhancements and augmentation being deeply taboo and artificial intelligence eschewed in favor of a complete and total reliance on human manpower. Materials considered natural, such as wood, leather, plant-based textiles and horn, are preferred in construction and manufacturing, being used liberally for interior decoration and anything intended for direct bodily contact.

Many Solarian officials can often be seen wearing elaborate clothing and hats, almost always in their national colours (navy blue and gold). This can be seen through the multitude of different robes for civilians, bureaucrats and military officers, and headwear worn by naval personnel.


While SolGov actively pursues it’s own national interests, SolGov still sees itself (and is seen by others) as a nominally neutral nation, and as such goes out of its way to maintain cordial relations with other polities.

Playing a member of this faction

Whether you are part of SolGov's administrative class or are just a citizen, you should follow the following.

  • Keep records on all events as a sonnensöldner or representative. Such information is crucial for our civil servants.
  • Be on your best behavior when acting as representative for the Confederation.
  • Ensure that the proper forms are filled out where necessary.

As a SolGov Representative, your role on a vessel or station can be likened to that of a Communications or Signal Officer. Your purpose is to facilitate cooperation and communications between different departments and people. You are not combat personnel, please do not act like it. A significant portion of your job consists of paperwork and report writing, with the most common form types being status reports, incident reports and requisition forms. These forms are important; the information sent back to the DAA is crucial!


SolGov currently has three in-game ships.

The Chronicle-class Sensory Frigate is a SolGov ship designed primarily for administrative work, namely census duties and interstellar exploration. It does not boast a particularly impressive armoury, however it does have a full telecommunications array, significant office space and mining equipment.

The Paracelsus-class Medical Corvette is a SolGov ship with a large medical section on board, with its primary purpose likely being medical support to the SolGov fleet or other bodies. The Paracelsus comes with two operating rooms, a general ward, a morgue, and a virological suite.

The Inkwell-class Supply Freighter is a SolGov ship whose design is most suited for interstellar shipping (and as such one of the few SolGov ships that is used by other organisations), but is well capable of preforming other functions when needed. The Inkwell boasts a large cargo bay, armoury and mining equipment, as well as lavish crew accommodations.

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