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WIP[edit | edit source]

Basic Information
Origin Point: Kalixcis, Bezuts System
Temp Range: 260-360K
Height: 190cm (~6'3")
Diet: Omnivorous with a grain allergy

  • Poor temperature regulation
  • Complimentary valuable tail
  • Unique Bloodtype
  • Ability to chug welding fuel and then breathe a very small amount of fire (enough to light a cigarette)

Shiptest is WIP, as is its lore. Things change constantly. For the hackmd for Sarathi as well as other lore, please click here. All I've done is copy-paste the hackMD doc to here. - Tiberius, some random who isn't even a lore maintainer

Sarathi[edit | edit source]

The Sarathi are a mesothermic cold-blooded reptilian species hailing from the planet Kalixcis. They are a resourceful, independent, and capable people whose ability to adapt lets them thrive in any position. Sarathi culture places no significance in blood bonds, instead joining a family which they will be a part of until they choose to leave.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Sarathi are humanoid lizards about as tall as your average human, and can grow to a wide range of possible heights. Being mesothermic rather than cold-blooded, they tend to prefer warmer climes, and maintain a distaste for the cold. However, they are able to trap a large amount of heat in their body if needed, meaning that they are often unwilling but capable of surviving for an extended time in the

Originally carnivorous, they primarily eat meat but can also enjoy fruits and vegetables where available. Grain is inedible to most Sarathi, resulting in many of their dishes being cooked with flour from nuts or root vegetables. Sarathi are lactose-intolerant.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Left blank on hackMD. Refer to Origin Point.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Sarathi highly value self-determination and living the life one believes is right for themselves. Often, Sarathi choose names for themselves that embody what they do or how they want to live life. A Sarathi engineer might make their name Snips-The-Wires, whereas one who prefers to live alone might take the moniker Walks-Lonely-Miles. Note that these names are translations to Galactic Common, and do not carry their full intonation like they would in Sarathi dialect.

Sarathi do not believe in involuntary association, and their lives are lived accordingly. Sarathi young are raised communally until the age of 7 (approximated to Earth cycles), where they choose a “family” that generally represents a “way of life” they think suits them. Membership in these families is generally quite fluid, as Sarathi switch between them depending on their current ideals and desired way of life.

Their spacefaring organizations function largely the same way. Several different families maintain different views on the purpose of life in space. As these families rise and fall in popularity, new ones appear that represent new ways of living and lines of thought.

Celebrating diversity and identity is one core part of Sarathi culture, but another is the explicit development of new families as a sort of social scientific process. Some Sarathi dedicate their lives to the discovery of new variations on the mix of lifestyle and ideals that consists a family. Whether writing philosophical papers or eking out life in new and exciting niches, the Sarathi are unique in their incredibly active attempts at creating new ways of life.

Sarathi evolved alongside Elzuosa on Kalixcis, and as such their culture is shared between them, freely being parts of the same societies and families. Elzuosa are, however, much rarer than Sarathi, having a lower overall population.