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Basic Information
Origin Point: Kalixcis, Bezuts System
Temp Range: 260-360K
Height: 195cm (~6'5")
Diet: Omnivorous, Leaning Carnivore

  • Cold-Blooded
  • Scaled
  • Claws
  • Reptilian

The Sarathi are a mesothermic reptilian species hailing from the planet Kalixcis. They are a resourceful, creative, and adventurous people whose ability to adapt to new circumstances allows them to not just survive but thrive in any situation. Sarathi have a longer lifespan than humans, with the oldest typically reaching 175 years old. Anything above 140 is considered elderly by Sarathi standards.


Sarathi are humanoid lizards about half a foot taller than your average human, though Kobold Sarathi are known for being quite short.

Being mesothermic rather than fully cold-blooded, they tend to prefer warmer climes, and maintain a distaste for the cold. However, they are able to trap a large amount of heat in their body if needed, meaning that they are often unwilling but capable of surviving for an extended time in cold environments.

Originally carnivorous, they primarily eat meat but can also enjoy vegetables and especially fruits where available. Grain is inedible to most Sarathi, resulting in many of their dishes being cooked with flour from nuts or root vegetables. Sarathi are lactose-intolerant.

There are several "subraces" of Sarathi, thanks to their large degree of genetic diversity. These subraces typically evolved to to thousands of years of geographic separation in prehistoric times. Most Sarathi no longer fall into just one of these categories at this point in time, due to interbreeding over millennia, but it is still useful to see where some of their genetic differences originated from.



The most common Sarathi subrace by far, hence the name, Common Sarathi were likely the first to have evolved, and were the base that all other subraces evolved from. As they are so widespread, their exact origin point is unknown. Their physiology is exactly what is stated above, with none of the extras and changes that any of the other subraces have.


Kobolds are incredibly short Sarathi, typically averaging around 137cm (~4'6") despite the rest of the species' 195cm (~6'5") average. The only real difference between them and Common Sarathi is their incredibly short stature, which explains the incredible variation in size some Sarathi have. Archeological evidence points to Kobold Sarathi having come to be in the mountain ranges of Gezena.


Semi-Aquatic Sarathi physically appear identical to Common Sarathi, except for one difference; a set of gills on their necks hidden by their scales. These gills, in conjunction with mucus that blocks the standard airways whenever they go underwater, allows for Semi-Aquatic Sarathi to breathe underwater, while still being able to breathe air as soon as they remove the mucus. Semi-Aquatic Sarathi evolved in the Antecannal Island Chain connecting the continents of Gezena and Zohil in the southern hemisphere. Archeological evidence indicates them as the most recent subrace to evolve into being, only 30,000 years ago!


Boreal Sarathi differ by having far more prehensile tails than any other subrace, and also typically having longer, faster-growing claws. In prehistoric ages, they most likely used these tools to climb and make their homes in the massive trees of the jungles of northern Gezena.


Serpentine Sarathi are the second most common type of Sarathi after Common Sarathi. It is considered most likely that they evolved near the deserts of the Pale Ring on the continent of Zohil, and are likely to be the first subrace to have evolved after Common Sarathi. They are currently known for their massive tails compared to any other subrace, though it has been speculated that the forked tongue currently found within every single Sarathi first came to being with Serpentine Sarathi, and spread through interaction and interbreeding to every other subrace over thousands of years. This theory, if true, would mean that Sarathi once did not have the hissing accent that they are well-known for today, and that it was a relatively recent result of evolution.


Sarathi hail from Kalixcis, the second planet of the Bezuts system. Anthropologists and archeologists believe that the Sarathi evolved into existence somewhere around the Zale Peninsula, on the continent of Gezena, though signs point to the first development of agriculture and society on Kalixcis being in a volcanic region known as the Dragons' Tooth, within the mountains of the Antecannal Peninsula on the southern tip of Gezena. Sarathi were not the only sapient species to evolve into being on Kalixcis. The plant-based Elzuosa also came into being there, in the jungles of northern Gezena. It is hypothesized from archeological findings that the Elzuosa and the Sarathi developed a symbiotic relationship with each other before the development of agriculture, and as a result even to this day the two species share a bond.


As a result of their joint cultural development with Elzuosa, there is no real Sarathi culture. Instead, they, alongside the Elzuosa, follow Kalixcian culture. Please see the Kalixcis page for a more detailed rundown of Kalixcian culture.

As for cultural differences from the Elzuosa, Sarathi tend to typically be more adventurous and creative, though that is not to discount the creativity of the Elzuosa. Sarathi are far more likely to leave their homes and travel for the sake of it than Elzuosa are, and are more likely to come up with creative new strategies to approach problems, whereas Elzuosa tend to get through problems by simply persevering through them.

Playing a Sarathi

The majority of Sarathi cultural quirks are based in their Kalixcian culture rather than them being a Sarathi, so please check the Kalixcis page section "Playing a Kalixcian" as well, to ensure that you understand everything. Sarathi-specific quirks that Elzuosa and other Kalixcians do not share will be mentioned here.

You might...

  • Feel that temperatures comfortable for mammalian races like humans are too cold, but feel comfortable in temperatures typically uncomfortably hot for those same races.
  • Solve problems by coming up with creative new solutions, but give up and try a new solution fairly easily.
  • Like to explore and travel just for the sake of doing either.

Others probably...

  • Expect you to freeze to death easily.
  • Have a hard time telling your gender without asking you.
  • Assume which Kalixcian nation you are from just from your mannerisms.

Sarathi Naming

Sarathi typically follow the Kalixcian naming scheme, though that may change based on the individual's culture of origin. Within Kalixcian culture, individuals choose their own name. They typically choose verbs-the-noun style names, but those names are typically spoken and written in the Kalixcian language. Some Sarathi choose to translate their names into Common if their name is too difficult for non-speakers to pronounce, or if they simply prefer how it sounds that way, but the majority keep their names in Kalixcian, in such a state that non-speakers wouldn't be able to tell that they are, in fact, verbs-the-noun names.


  • You have a unique blood type, which may make replacement blood hard to find if you bleed out. Thankfully, Sarathi blood spawns fairly commonly on medical ships due to how common the species is.
  • You take far more freezing-based burn damage than any other race, but are resistant to heat-based burn damage.
  • Due to your claws, your unarmed attacks do more damage than those of any other race.
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