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Basic Information
Origin Point: Reh'himl, Syebenaltch System
Temp Range: 270-340K
Height: 170cm (~5'6")
Diet: Carnivorous; vegetables and dairy are toxic

  • Spin webbing to slow others down.
  • See better in the dark than most.
  • Generally horrifying to anyone afraid of spiders.
  • Actually quite nice.

Rachnids are aliens with coincidental physiological similarities to Sol spiders. Despite visible adaptations that would make them excellent hunters, modern Rachnidian culture revolves around honing the skills and talents of oneself, treating them as forms of self-expression. Rachnids tend to focus on their work intensely, priding themselves on a job well done and languishing if they think they are under-performing.


Rachnids evolved from a species of massive, eight-legged xenofauna in the system of Syebenaltch. Much of their physiology owes itself to this. They had the blessing of an independent, unhampered development, and managed to discovered bluespace flight on their own. It is an established principle in modern biology that, regardless of circumstance, any location with life will, at some point, evolve spiders independently if no spiders exist. Perhaps we are lucky that Rachnids are as peaceful as they are, compared to some of the universe's other spiders.

Their discovery of bluespace flight provides insight into Rachnidian thought. The top scientists of the Aerospace Guild arrived at the conclusion of how to harness bluespace almost simultaneously after decades of independent research. However, their theories were wildly different, each based on differing findings and assumptions. Seeing this, the Matriarch of the Aerospace Guild ordered them all disbarred and made her own theory after another decade of work, a theory that is still used to this day.

Playing a Rachnid

Modern Rachnidian culture centers around expression of oneself through art. Artistic thought is dominant in Rachnidian society, with nearly every imaginable subject being viewed through an artistic lens. While this means Rachnids develop wild new ideas at an expedient rate, it also means that optimizations to existing concepts are done rarely, if at all.

Rachnids are individualist by nature, striving to be unique and distancing themselves from others, to the point of risking harm to themselves. While a Rachnid collaborating with others is not unheard of, most prefer to work independently. Stepping on another person’s turf, physically or professionally, is frowned upon greatly.

Many Rachnids take extreme pride in work well done, focusing on minutia most others would ignore. Some will become despondent and anxious if they think that they are under-performing, and become desperate for approval and validation. Female Rachnids are additionally held to unusually high standards in Rachnidian society due to the expectations placed on them to take up leadership roles.

You might...
  • Gain apprenticeship with a guild to hone your chosen craft.
  • Isolate yourself for extended periods to train.
  • Claim your workstation as your den and keep out any "trespassers".
Others probably...
  • Are absolutely terrified by you for some reason.
  • Wonder what all the webs are for.
  • Will ask if the extra arms help with juggling (they don't).


It's common for Rachnids to break out on their own path in life, and space is an excellent frontier. Be it a task assigned to them as part of their guild apprenticeship or a lone master seeking to found a guild of their own. The Outer Rim is a land of opportunity and no Rachnid worth their silk would dare waste it.


Rachnid names are comprised as a series of titles inherited over the course of their lives. Beginning with newly hatched rachnids given a syllable from each of their parents. Continuing with each entry into a guild, another syllable is added to their full name. While the full name of particularly traveled rachnid can become a mouthful, rachnids often refer to themselves with a handful of two or three syllables out of convenience. For example, the Guildmaster of Cutlery Tax’Xiot spent a good amount of her early life hopping from guild to guild. As such her full official name is Aik’Zaoki’Kian’Tax’Uiz’Tiolzi’Quil’Veck’Ra’Zovek’Xiot’Eazk.

As a result of xenocultural exchange, this convention has been applied to titles granted from other positions as well. As an example, a rachnid with a doctorate may include “Doc” or “Tor” as part of their full name.


  • A very big spider.
  • Expend nutriment to create sticky webbing.
  • Passive nightvision.
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