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Basic Information
Origin Point: Kalixcis, Bezuts System
Temp Range: 283-423K
Height: 195cm (~6'5")
Diet: Electricity, UV Radiation, Water, Fertilizer, Nutrient-Filled Dirt

  • Electric Blood
  • Bioluminescence
  • Plant-Based

Elzuosa (singular elzuose) are a relatively unusual species of bioluminescent, semi-crystalline plant people. They hail from the planet Kalixcis, which they share as a homeworld with the similarly sapient Sarathi. They are known for being sedentary and slow to adapt, but are also incredibly persistent and have remarkable endurance. Elzuosa lifespans typically run up to 300 years if they use healthy rooting practices, and as low as 75 if they choose to live off a diet solely of electricity from components, and anywhere in between from a mix.


Elzuosa have a relatively unique physiology. While they are organic bipeds, they cross some of the lines between plant and animal, while their crystalline organs add elements not particularly found in either. It's thought that their reproduction method of propagating cuttings into soil contributed to the Kalixcian cultures general lack of a particular concept of gender roles or familial lineage. Dropped cuttings even as large as limbs can be regrown over long periods of time.

It is believed that their humanoid shape is not the form they naturally evolved to have. Rather, after making contact and merging groups with Sarathi in prehistoric times, they chose to use their malleable plantlike nature to evolve themselves into a shape resembling Sarathi (while still being notably unique) in order to fit together more easily.

Elzuosa are capable of "rooting" into the soil using their clawed feet and root-like 'tail' to obtain electricity, though this is only particularly efficient and healthy in fresh, well-fertilized soil on life-bearing worlds. They're capable of extracting charge from electrical components in place of this, though this isn't particularly healthy, and can lead to a shorter, less healthy lifespan. Their tail is crucial in balance and rooting, and while one can live without one on just electric power drained from circuits instead, it is extremely unhealthy to do so for any extended period. Thankfully, the tail can regrow, and does so fairly quicker than any other body part. It has been noted that Elzuosa with thicker tails are able to take in nutrients far quicker than those with thinner tails, and Elzuosa tails must be floor-length at least to properly root.

Some elzuosa have antler-like structures growing from their heads that anthropologists believe were likely a prehistoric self-defense weapon that simply remained into the modern age for decorative purposes (similarly to Sarathi horns and claws, which, coming from the same world, would make sense). The structures might also be referred to as branches, horns, or antennas, though with the current theorized purpose, antlers or horns would be the most accurate names. The "hair" on their head is composed of crystalline feather-like structures that have a purpose similar to leaves on trees, taking in UV light while rooting for even more healthy nutrient intake, and many Elzuose set them up in decorative hairstyles.

There are far fewer subraces of Elzuosa than there are of Sarathi, though some physical variation due to geographic location is present.


Desert Elzuosa

Most commonly found around the deserts of the Pale Ring, Desert Elzuosa are adapted to be able to hold and conserve water for longer periods of time than any other kind. This allows them to survive far longer without any liquid intake than any other known race, not just other Elzuosa. At the same time, however, they take in far more water than any other kind of Elzuosa whenever they do get around to drinking water. Desert Elzuosa are also covered in small spines, an evolutionary counter to desert animals that preyed on them for the water inside.

Boreal Elzuosa

The most standard and common type of Elzuosa, Boreal Elzuosa are perfectly adapted to the jungles and forests that cover most of non-equatorial Kalixcis. They are taller than the other two types of Elzuosa (only by a few inches in modern times, though archeological finds indicate that the size difference was far greater the further back in time one looks), and their skin is far thicker and hardier than any other type.

Sea Elzuosa

Usually found in the island chains towards the north and south ends of either continent on Kalixcis, Sea Elzuosa, like the Semi-Aquatic Sarathi who they typically live alongside, are adapted for both underwater and aboveground living. Unlike any other kind of Elzuosa, Sea Elzuosa can drink and process saltwater. Their 'hair', in addition, is far thicker and more leathery, evolved to be able to take in sunlight even under a thick layer of water.


Elzuosa hail from Kalixcis, the second planet of the Bezuts system. Anthropologists and archeologists believe that the Elzuosa evolved into existence within the jungles of the northern half of the continent Gezena, though signs point to the first development of agriculture and society on Kalixcis being in a volcanic region known as the Dragons' Tooth, within the mountains of the Antecannal Peninsula on the southern tip of Gezena. Elzuosa were not the only sapient species to evolve into being on Kalixcis. The plant-based Elzuosa also came into being there, somewhere within the Zale Peninsula, also on Gezena. It is hypothesized from archeological findings that the Elzuosa and the Sarathi developed a symbiotic relationship with each other before the development of agriculture, and as a result even to this day the two species share a bond.


As a result of their joint cultural development with Sarathi, there is no real Elzuosa culture. Instead, they, alongside the Sarathi, follow Kalixcian culture. Please see the Kalixcis page for a more detailed rundown of Kalixcian culture.

As for cultural differences from the Sarathi, Elzuose tend to typically be more sedentary and set in their ways, however that is not to say that they are incapable of thinking creatively. They are very much capable of this, it simply does not come as easily to them as it does to Sarathi. They are, however, incredibly persistent and have a high endurance, making them far less likely to give up if they face any sort of trouble.

Playing an Elzuose

The majority of Elzuosa cultural quirks are based in their Kalixcian culture rather than them being an Elzuose, so please check the Kalixcis page section "Playing a Kalixcian" as well, to ensure that you understand everything. Elzuosa-specific quirks that Sarathi and other Kalixcians do not share will be mentioned here.

You might…

  • Not give up easily.
  • Feel uncomfortable on long shipboard voyages, and extremely comfortable out in nature in life-bearing worlds.
  • Keep trying the same solution over and over until it works or you're forced to try another, brute-forcing many things.
  • Root yourself in good dirt under sun or a UV lamp for long periods of time to take in nutrients, instead of eating.

Others probably…

  • Don't understand your relatively strange dietary requirements.
  • Seem strangely interested in you, if they work for the Solarian government.
  • Don't know how to treat you medically if they aren't Kalixcian.

Elzuose Naming

Elzuosa typically follow the Kalixcian naming scheme, though that may change based on the individual's culture of origin. Within Kalixcian culture, individuals choose their own name. They typically choose verbs-the-noun style names, but those names are typically spoken and written in the Kalixcian language. Some Elzuosa choose to translate their names into Common if their name is too difficult for non-speakers to pronounce, or if they simply prefer how it sounds that way, but the majority keep their names in Kalixcian, in such a state that non-speakers wouldn't be able to tell that they are, in fact, verbs-the-noun names.

Additionally, spacebound Elzuosa sometimes have a strong tendency to name themselves after the stars and constellations, being that much closer to them.


  • Eating does nothing for you, you need to recharge your energy by either rooting in good soil (WIP feature) or taking electricity from an APC.
  • Your blood type is unique, and may be hard to replace, but medical ships should at least have it.
  • You literally glow, with brightness depending on how much energy you have! A healthy Elzuosa will be terrible at stealth unless their clothes cover every inch of skin!
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