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Basic Information
Origin Point: Earth, Sol system
Temp Range: 270-340K
Height: 171cm (~5'7")
Diet: Junk food, fried foods

  • Ubiquitous and relatively hardy.
  • Have natural, "stylish" hair.
  • Watch out for the bald ones though.

Humans are a species of sapient lifeforms hailing from Earth, having evolved over millions of years from primates. Scientifically called Homo Sapiens, they recovered from a turbulent history thanks to unusual hardiness. A majority of their population lives in the Sol System, the core of the Solar Confederation.


Human history before the formation of the Terran Confederation (now the Solar Confederation) is of little modern interest. Though some historians, ""history fans"", and conspiracy theorists love to speculate on the events leading up to the Night of Fire Incident, there are few surviving records from the time period, and the ones that do exist give wildly contradictory accounts of what actually happened. What matters is that the survivors managed to join together under the rule of the Terran Confederation. Seeing the sorry state of Earth at the time, they began seeking ways to travel to the stars to find new lands.

Humanity was not unfamiliar with reaching for the stars; relics such as the Voyager Golden Record and ancient spacecraft such as JUICE prove this. With Sol's notorious Bluespace "deadzone" and the surrounding Lepiton Storm, it is no wonder why humanity took so long to reach the age of Bluespace. It is even less of a wonder how Humans went completely unnoticed by the broader galactic community until the first SolGov vessels were detected on radar. To this day, only specially designed vessels from the Solar Confederation are able to safely navigate the storm, and all Realspace lanes towards Sol are tightly regulated.

Humans faced frequent genetic bottlenecks in the past, in particular one in their prehistory and then another as a result of the Night of Fire. While this would typically lead to a lower level of genetic diversity, humans have a significantly higher incidence rate of technologically-induced genetic variations than any other organic sapient, with the enigmatic Mothpeople being considered the most high-variant known modification of the human genome. Other common genemods are minor cosmetic alterations such as animal ears, tails, or unusual hair or eye colors.

Playing a Human

Humans are fairly even-handed, having no distinct weaknesses or particular advantages outside of a fairly permissive diet. Possibly as a result these things are common as hell.

You might...
  • Express natural curiosity, and venture into danger where others see no gain.
  • Feel a need to bond with others and form a social circle.
  • Try and form a connection with the natural world on some level.
Others probably...
  • Think you're basic.
  • Get jealous of your hair.
  • Regard you about as neutrally as possible.

Human names

Solarian humans retain their real-world naming conventions for the most part, although some may opt to adopt a moniker in place of a classic middle name (such as John "Spaceman" Doe). They tend to favor nicknames for both themselves and others.


There are a lot of reasons a human might seek out a life in spaceflight. Whether they want to get in touch with their spacefaring heritage, see the Outer Rim for themselves, scout for jobs like those fictional bounty hunters, or something else, there's almost always some explanation for why a human is out here, willingly or not. Really it's harder to think of a reason why there wouldn't be humans present in any given location, they're fucking everywhere.


  • Your standard SS13 spaceman.
  • Not much to say, really.
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