Aegis-class Long Term Care Ship

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Basic Information
Short Name: Aegis-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SUNS)
Crew Size: 10
Size: Medium
Tags: Botany, Medical, RP Focus
Buyable: Yes


Approximately a third of the way through the ICW, it became apparent that the Syndicate could not muster the sheer throwaway manpower that Nanotrasen could with its swaths of mercenaries and disposable personnel. Instead, the Syndicate began to adopt a much more conservative approach to maintaining personnel, by establishing an initiative to create a host of medical vessels designed to rescue and rehabilitate the fallen. While the Li Tieguai filled the rescue role, the Aegis-Class was to fill the rehabilitation role. Featuring a host of ‘quality of life’ features for long-term patients (a full bar, a hydroponics setup, and so on), an expansive medical bay and an array of comfort fixtures like couches and gardens, the Aegis is perfect for aspiring doctors or wounded patients.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Lead Doctor No 1
Ship Doctor No 2
Mechanic No 1
Deck Service Assistant No 2
Ship Psychologist No 1
Long Term Patient No 2

"The Aegis is an excellent medical ship for many situations, well-armed to deal with all sorts of aliments, both physical and mental. The ship itself was hand tailored for SUNS, and sees common use by the organization. The onboard service and equipment allows patients sent to one of these ships to spend weeks or even months to seek effective, long-term treatment for all sorts of disease and injury."
— Excerpt from HARDLINE Ship Catalogue: July 503. (F.S. 503)


The Aegis, as the class states, is a roleplay-oriented Syndicate Medical/Service Ship. It is, of course, very good at healing just about any injury, be it a body burnt at a plasma fire or a poor sod's broken heart, at the expense of being unable to do much else.

List of standard equipment and features:
  • Well-equipped medbay, with an un-built chemistry set and a medical tech fab.
  • A botany/bar mix, for feeding your patients and doctors.
  • A section for the psychologist with a fireplace and some cake, in-case anyone has any unfriendly thoughts in their mind.
  • A custodian closet for cleaning up blood and whatnot with a suspicious amount of maid costumes.
  • Some mining equipment in-case you need to get through rocks for materials or patients.


Icon Name Type Slots
File:Suns cap icon.png Captain Captain 1
File:Suns md icon.png Doctor Chief Medical Officer 1
File:Suns md icon.png Ship Doctor Medical Doctor 2
File:Suns engi icon.png Mechanic Ship Engineer 1
File:Suns md icon.png Ship Psychologist Psychologist 2
File:Indie prisoner icon.png Long Term Patient Prisoner 2


The purpose of the Aegis-Class is to respond to any major critical care situations where the patient may potentially need to be onboarded for any length of time, or in cases where first response ships have a major patient overflow. While it is not necessarily a first response vessel, it is able to uphold such needs in the case of an emergency where rescue class vessels cannot respond. It's a great ship to learn Botany, Medical, or Chemistry, and has a fairly easy-to-learn layout.

As this is a ship created with roleplay in mind, expect things to go slowly. The only "real" weapons on-board the ship are the Captain's Sabre, and a Sketchin with two magazines in one of the lockers. It is recommended to have a somewhat plausible character when joining one of these ships, especially if you are playing as a Long Term Patient. You also do not have any research gear (this is a roleplay-oriented ship). If you do end up with research gear, uphold your orders! Provide care before injury.