Gecko-class Salvage Runner

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Basic Information
Short Name: Gecko-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: NTSV)
Crew Size: 10
Size: Large
Tags: Mining, Engineering
Buyable: Yes


A bulky, robust, and exceedingly ugly salvage ship. The Gecko is nothing less than a flying brick full of redundant maintenance spaces and open-to-space salvage bays, powered by a temperamental TEG system, with a cramped crew space sandwiched in between. Due to its deeply obsolete design and the dangerous nature of salvage work, Geckos are often the final resting point for the careers of officers that have stepped on too many toes in the corporate world without doing anything outright criminal. Despite these shortcomings, Geckos offer a large amount of open space and a good supply of engineering equipment, which is all an enterprising engineer truly needs.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Operations Chief Yes 1
Engine Technician No 2
Salvage Technician No 2
Deckhand No 4

The Gecko-class Salvage Runner is a large salvage vessel. It features two cargo bays, a sizeable engineering and atmospherics department and a good amount of maintenance space, leaving the crew with many opportunities to turn it into something more liveable. It starts off on the more neglected size, requiring some cleaning. The atmospherics system allows it to be used to harvest gases.