Lagoon-class Cruise Ship

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This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.

Basic Information
Short Name: Lagoon-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SV)
Crew Size: 22
Size: Large
Tags: RP Focus, Service, Engineering
Buyable: No


An unusual sight in the relatively impoverished Frontier, the Lagoon-class is a large pleasure vessel dedicated to transporting its passengers to any number of exotic locales. Lagoons found on the Frontier tend to contain crews and passengers of a particularly daring – or foolhardy – character, willing to pay out the nose for a tour of some of the most dangerous regions in known space. Accordingly, Lagoons in these regions typically include a small but respectably equipped security contingent to protect (and, when necessary, rein in) the passengers, and come with a surprisingly powerful thermo-electric generator to move the ship’s prodigious bulk across vast expanses of space.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain No 1
Cruise Director No 1
Security Officer No 2
Medical Doctor No 1
Ship Engineer No 1
Bartender No 1
Cook No 1
Botanist No 1
Curator No 1
Chaplain No 1
Janitor No 1
Passenger No 10

The Lagoon-class Cruise Ship is an extremely large ship with several crew slots and entertainment facilities designed for those who wish to bar rp the entire round. It has four ion engines.

There are no mime or clown slots but there is a room behind the theater for those who want to dress up as mimes and clowns. It has an arcade, casino, chapel, library and arts room, garden, indoor beach, bar and restaurant with theater, lounge, outdoor deck, and much more.


Icon Name Type Slots
Captain Captain 1
Cruise Director Second-In-Command 1
Security Officer Security Officer 2
Medical Doctor Medical Doctor 1
Ship Enginer Ship Engineer 1
Bartender Bartender 1
Cook Cook 1
File:Indie botany icon.png Botanist Botanist 1
File:Indie curator icon.png Curator Curator 1
File:Indie chaplain icon.png Chaplain Chaplain 1
Janitor Janitor 1
Passenger Assistant 10