Colossus-class Armored Frigate

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Basic Information
Short Name: Colossus-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: IRMV)
Crew Size: 12
Size: Medium
Tags: Combat, Riot
Buyable: Yes


The mainstay of Inteq’s mercenary fleet, the Colossus is a professionally-militarized freighter like most of Inteq’s ships, and is designed to operate independently for some time, serving IRMG’s interests and providing vital mercenary services wherever they are needed. Key features include a secure and well-stocked armory and ample crew space, as well as a spacious cargo bay, which crews often refurbish into additional recreational or training space.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Vanguard Yes 1
Master At Arms Yes 1
Artificer No 1
Corpsman No 1
Enforcer No 3
Recruit No 5


The Colossus is the most well-armed ship within the IRMG catalogue, as the largest show of force to be mustered within a single Inteq vessel.


As a Crewmember:

You're probably going to be mining.

If you are the Corpsman, be aware, you're the only medical staff onboard. And while you do get your own nifty corner of the cargo bay, you do not have a defibrillator. Make sure to treat personnel before they die rather than afterwards.

As an Officer:

IRMG ships are best played with a specific, mercenary-related gimmick in mind. Offer contracts to other ships, or pursue missions for money. You're guns for hire (with a grudge against the Syndicate and Nanotrasen), so make sure to go for the highest bidder.

If you are the Master-At-Arms, you are in charge of the armory. The importance of determining who gets a weapon, especially in a Colossus, is often not valued. Make sure your Vanguard knows this.