Vela-class Industrial Cruiser

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This ship has been completely removed from the game files.

Basic Information
Short Name: Vela-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: CMGSV)
Crew Size: 14
Size: Large
Tags: Robotics, Construction, Science
Buyable: No


The Vela-Class is the designation for a series of semi-modular industrial cruisers created by the CLIP Minutemen in the early 440s. While the original design was created almost exclusively for extracting minerals from asteroid belts, modern examples tend to take on a multi-mission role, with the most common configuration being a mech hanger, and research pod. The ship itself often sees long deployments that encourage modification, leading to Velas taking on a personality as their crews leave their mark.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Foreman Yes 1
First Officer Yes 1
Mech Pilot No 4
Minuteman No 2
Engineer No 2
Researcher No 2
Deckhand No 1

The Vela-class Industrial Cruiser is a very spacious ship with a wing dedicated to R&D, a wing for mining and cargo, and plenty of living and recreational areas. There are external lattices guarding the hull and plenty of resources to build mechs with. It has 6 Ion engines.


Icon Name Type Slots
Captain Captain 1
Foreman Chief Engineer 1
Bridge Officer Second-In-Command 1
Mech Pilot Shaft Miner 4
Mech Technician Roboticist 2
Engineer Ship Engineer 2
Minuteman Security Officer 2
Scientist Scientist 2
Cadet Assistants 1