Box-class Hospital Ship

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Basic Information
Short Name: Box-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: IMV)
Crew Size: 9
Size: Medium
Tags: Medical
Buyable: Yes


An early exemplar of several modern shipbuilding techniques that have since become standard, the Box is effectively a tiny spaceborne hospital, loaded with medical equipment that can often be difficult to source in Frontier space. Unusually, Boxes come equipped with medical cryo tubes, which have become a particular rarity on the Frontier due to their delicate nature and steep upkeep costs. Boxes are often found in surprisingly good repair for their age, and they have received several upgrades over the decades that have kept them well abreast of advances in medical science.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Chief Medical Officer No 1
Medical Doctor No 3
Paramedic No 2
Assistant No 3

"This ship is of historical importance, being one of the first ship "classes" to be constructed in large numbers. Most Box-class vessels in service today are updated versions with a more modern layout and advanced medical equipment."

"The Box-class Hospital Ship is well-known for its long period of service, specializing heavily into rendering medical aid. A typical vessel is equipped with some of the most advanced medical equipment that can be supplied, including a full cryogenic therapy set-up, with some seeing service in war-torn and developing regions to render medical aid across a star system quickly and effectively."

"This advanced medical equipment comes at the expense of personal defense weaponry and other facilities. On another note, high-end medical equipment and supplies can be sold for a truly incredible amount of money out in developing regions. Perhaps that's why those who can afford to will always field escorts alongside the Box-class."
— Excerpt from Ashwalker's Guide to The Galaxy . (F.S. 502)


The Box-class is intended as a ship for those inclined towards medical roles. The most distinctive feature is the complete cryogenics set-up, which can be used to rapidly heal most wounds and treat genetic damage effectively. This, however, is far from the only piece of medical equipment the Box-class possesses: stasis beds, hyposprays, and an impressive stockpile of medical supplies firmly places modern revisions of the Box-class at the height of healing capability of any vessel. The Box-class is poorly equipped in most other areas; mining capabilities consist of a single pickaxe with an unconstructed ORM, and the vessel is supplied with a single miniaturized energy pistol for self-defense.

Quick bullet rundown of features and equipment:

  • Two lifeform stasis units, or "stasis beds", which can freeze the bodily functions of a patient entirely (or stop the decay of a cadaver), with an Operating Console to accompany one.
  • An emergency holopad in the main treatment center, which comes with a Doctor program capable of efficiently rendering medical aid should there be a medical emergency.
  • A whole Nanomed Plus worth of supplies, along with one of each medkit type in one of the lockers.
  • A bottle of Rezadone (along with a bottle of Formaldehyde and Thializid) in one of the medical cabinets, which is best used for revitalizing husks.
  • A Chem-master in the bathroom, for...
  • Three smartfridges: One for chemicals, one for blood bags, and one for organ storage.
  • A small cubicle for the Chief Medical Officer; his locker contains the most valuable and advanced equipment on the ship.
  • Plenty of equipment for medical doctors to use in the lockers, including Medical Heads-up displays which show the overall health of living organisms.
  • A single P.A.C.M.A.N. to power the ship with ten sheets of plasma in reserve.
  • Two plasma afterburners and a single ion thruster propel the ship.


The crew of the Box-class are best equipped for rendering medical aid to those who need it, whether it's healing your own crew after scuffles or rushing the battered crew of another vessel onto yours. The holopad on the bridge can be used to contact other ships directly; use this to inform people that you are willing to give help wherever it's needed. Keep in mind that your vessel is ill-equipped for combat and a prime target for pirates, so be careful with who you decide to meet with.