Beluga-class Transport

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Basic Information
Short Name: Beluga-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: SV)
Crew Size: 13
Size: Large
Tags: RP Focus, Riot, Service
Buyable: Yes


The Beluga-Class is a transport vessel for those with especially rich blood. Featuring a modest kitchen, hired Inteq security, and luxurious decoration, the Beluga is a first choice pick for many wealthy spacers trying to get from point A to B. The independent ship features several rooms for its guests and a well furnished meeting room for any corporate occassion.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
First Officer Yes 1
Mechanic No 1
Private Security Officer No 2
High-Class Passenger No 4
Bartender No 1
Janitor No 1
Assistant No 2

"We've got actual food, hired guns, gorgeous sights, and the best crew this side of the sun. Who could ask for more?"

— Excerpt from an advertising pamphlet for the ISV Film Reel.


The Beluga is the ship of choice for affluent folk who seek comfortable travel, offering the fanciest of rooms, security and appliances to its passengers (or as fancy as a ship in the frontier can offer, anyway).

The two private guards, ranging from Inteq, are granted one pistol (with one rubbershot and one standard ammo magazine), one disabler, and two batons as their weaponry, aside from two small canisters of pepperspray. Though they are not as capable as their other on-duty mercenaries, they can nonetheless hold their ground or handle minor issues.

The kitchen, assigned entirely to one crewmember, is stocked with a variety of ingredients, tools and condiments, and both a soda and alcohol dispenser for the enterprising bartender/cook, who is sure to keep everyone happy with a homely meal.

Things of note:

  • A notable amount of kitchen equipment
  • Two hired Inteq bodyguards
  • Full meeting room, two private dorms
  • A large amount of roundstart money in the safe
  • An easy to play, but hard to make fun ship


As a Captain:

Have a goddamn gimmick in mind, and a funny one. Seriously! This is not only a much more roleplay-oriented vessel than other ships, but it relies on YOU to keep both your crew and the passengers engaged with the ship. Organize tasks, and plot something for all sides of the ship to do. Painting, writing, offer something as part of a travel package, organize breakfast, lunch, and dinner...

As a Crewmember:

You are paid a salary to entertain the folk who paid a ticket. Treat them with respect, and be aware of their needs - your job relies on it.

As a Passenger:

You paid a fair amount of money for the privilege of traveling in a "luxury" ship. Be sure to make others know about it. If you're not getting your money's worth, you're free to complain about it.