Mudskipper-class Salvage Clipper

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Basic Information
Short Name: Mudskipper-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: ISV)
Crew Size: 4
Size: Medium
Tags: Combat, Engineering, Specialist
Buyable: Yes


One of the cheapest (and yet, inexplicably popular) offerings from Miskilamo Spacefaring, the Mudskipper-class is a vessel purpose-built for enterprising scrappers and looters looking to salvage bombed-out ruins and harvest boatloads of materials. Featuring a diverse set of multipurpose rooms, a charitable supply of EVA/ruin raiding equipment, and a set of anti-radiation gear for dealing with industrial accidents, the Mudskipper-class just keeps on chuggin’!

Preview Name Officer Slots
Salvage Leader Yes 1
Salvager No 2
Salvage Technician No 1

The Mudskipper-class Salvage Clipper is a neat and compact ship ideal for mining and salvaging trash planets. There are outer lattices that help protect the main hull from space debris making it particularly robust and provide room for solar panels, environmental gas scrubbers, or whatever the ship's engineer wants to build out there. Additionally, it has four ion engines and two plasma engines allowing you to conserve power or plasma easily. There are plenty of laser guns, engineering space suits, and jetpacks to go around allowing the crew to loot even the most hostile environments. It has no medbay but you can convert the bathroom into one with enough effort and supply it with things purchased from the Outpost Communications Console. It also doesn't have an R&D server.


Icon Name Type Slots
Salvage Leader Captain 1
Salvager Shaft Miner 2
Salvage Technician Ship Engineer 1