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This ship is admin-spawned
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This ship is admin-spawned
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This ship is not spawnable by players. It may still be spawn able by admins but for all intents and purposes should be considered unplayable under normal circumstances.

The Sugarcube was originally designed as a short range prisoner transportation shuttle but production has long since been shut down due to an inordinate amount of violent hijackings occurring on this craft. The Cubes small size, large holding area completely unseparated from the cockpit, and surprisingly powerful thrusters made a trip aboard it the perfect opportunity for any would-be escapees. The Sugarcube is a rare sight nowadays occasionally spotted filling out the ranks of especially desperate fleets, or continuing its tradition of carrying escaped convicts safely away from the long arm of the law.

Sugarcube-Class Prison Bus
Basic Information
Short Name: Sugarcube-Class
Manufacturer: Nanotrasen Spaceworks
Faction: Independent
Crew Size: 4
Propulsion: Ion thrusters
Buyable: No

  • Very small
  • Little to no starting gear
  • Survivalist
  • Highly customizable


The Sugarcube starts with almost no gear, no fuel, and very, very breakable windows. Often much of the cubes time is spent renovating and resource gathering, although in a very different way to most standard ships as in the beginning you have no use for or way to process the ores you mine. Other ships will also play a unique role in the cubes life cycle as they will very frequently have something you need and almost always have something you want. The cube is also extremely maneuverable due to its small size, however because of the lack of SMES the thrusters are liable to run out of power at any moment, lending the cube to a gameplay style of hopping from planet to planet and ship to ship in search of new tools to add to their arsenal, things to reinforce their ship with, and that last hit of plasma to keep your engine from running dry.

Some common renovations to cubes are:

  • Swapping out the base windows for reinforced glass for extra strength, or thindows for extra space
  • Lots of racks and crates
  • Dismantling the starting seats and dividers
  • A medical bed
  • Actual flooring
  • Wiping up that slippery oil spill in the airlock

Some pointers for beginning your misadventures without dying quickly and horribly:

  • Head to a jungle planet at first, they're relatively safe, have lots of very versatile wood, and often excellent ruins to kick start your journey
  • Always see what you can squeeze out of any other crews you come across they're often more than willing to help poor lost souls such as yourself, and if not with enough harassment can at least be convinced to hand over the parts necessary for you to build your autolathe
  • Always prepare for the worst, many cubes have perished because an asteroid dinked them before they reinforced their windows, and many more because they didn't prepare their medicines ahead of time
  • Know your limits, if you die the cube does not have the tools to revive you, and it would take a very skilled doctor a very long time to heal you after a major injury. Medical ships may also be hesitant to help as well due to your reputation
  • Use the buddy system, you wont have radios for a while and are all very fragile on your own