Li Tieguai-class Rescue Ship

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A real sight for sore eyes.

"Named after a god of medicine known for his generosity, the Li Tieguai is designed to be able to quickly respond to medical emergencies. The hull's design is loosely derived from the Libertatia-class and follows similar design principles, making it one of the more lightweight and nimble vessels available."

"Designers of the Li Tieguai-class thoroughly analyzed the Box-class vessel and its shortcomings, namely the near total lack of defense weapons, making voyages into dangerous regions risky at best. The Li Tieguai does not skimp out on armaments, with the standard model coming equipped with quality self-defense weaponry and less-than-lethal ammunition. This, along with an advanced set of medical equipment, makes the vessel popular for use in high-risk scenarios."
— Excerpt from Ashwalker's Guide to The Galaxy . (F.S. 502)


The Li Tieguai-class is intended as a ship for those inclined towards medical roles. It shares similarities with the Box-class in nature, with both vessels being highly specialized towards rendering medical aid to those who need it. It has a highly capable infirmary, ample supplies, with notable deficiencies in mining capabilities, with the vessel lacking even an ORM board for use. However, unlike the Box-class, the Li Tieguai has a notable edge: an armory, with real guns and ammunition.

Quick bullet rundown of features and equipment:

  • Two lifeform stasis units, or "stasis beds", which can freeze the bodily functions of a patient entirely (or stop the decay of a cadaver), with an Operating Console to accompany one.
  • An emergency holopad in the main treatment center, which comes with a Doctor program capable of efficiently rendering medical aid should there be a medical emergency.
  • Plenty of equipment for paramedics to use in the lockers, including Medical Heads-up displays which show the overall health of living organisms.
  • A Vector SMG, two Commander 9mm pistols, a syringe gun, a bottle of sodium thiopental, and plenty of extra less-than-lethal ammunition to use!
  • A whole Nanomed Plus worth of supplies, along with one of each medkit type in one of the lockers.
  • Wall-mounted lockers in the bridge for the Chief Medical Officer and Captain, containing advanced equipment.
  • Two P.A.C.M.A.N. portable generators with a total of 40 sheets of plasma to fuel the ship.


The roles that can be selected aboard the Box-class are as follows:

Icon Name Type Slots
Indie cap icon.png Captain Captain 1
Indie cap icon.png Chief Medical Officer First Officer 1
Indie md icon.png Paramedic Paramedic 3
Indie assist icon.png Medical Assistant Assistants 2

How Should I Pilot This?

The crew of the Li Tieguai-class are best equipped for rendering medical aid to those who need it, whether it's healing your own crew after scuffles or rushing the battered crew of another vessel onto yours. The holopad on the bridge can be used to contact other ships directly; use this to inform people that you are willing to give help wherever it's needed. Keep in mind that your vessel is a prime target for pirates, so be careful with who you decide to meet with; your hardsuits are modestly armored and you are equipped with less-than-lethal weapons if it is needed.

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