Carina-class Solgov Issue Cutter

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Ready and waiting for a new frontier!.

Hailing from the SolGov shipyards the Carina is a venerable design that has proven its worth for almost a century in anti-piracy as well as search and rescue operations whilst patrolling the often dangerous frontier. Many a captain will tell you tales of how their ship was saved moments from destruction due to a Carina and her crew. Armed with dual torpedo tubes and boasting a large boarding party and heavy spacepod, this ship is well suited to undertaking aggressive "inspections" of suspicious vessels as well as deep space rescue of wrecked vessels.


The Carina Cutter is a decently priced ship that is a compact and efficient design well suited to exo-exploration with most of their exosuits coming with jetpacks and a self-propelled spacepod and repair bay. a well-stocked brig and medbay ensures that your large number of boarding specialists can go out, get beat up and be ready to go out again quickly. Your large stock of exo-suits and large engine complement will allow your crew to send out large parties early to explore hostile planets and ruins to bring back good amounts of valuable items and materials before other vessels

Quick bullet-point rundown of features:

  • ORM and Silo for mining needs
  • Fully functioning cargo bay with Supply consoles
  • Brig well stocked with non-lethal weaponry and armor
  • Exo suit storage suitable for your whole crew complement with optional jet-packs
  • Dual mass drivers and janitorial supply for twice the cleaning
  • Medbay well stocked with a variety of medkits, stasis bed and organ freezer
  • Space pod and repair bay
  • most of the flooring done in the finest nanoweave carpeting
  • all-in-one telecommunications box for headset and PDA communication

What Roles?

The roles that can be selected aboard the Carina-class are as follows:

How Should I Pilot This?

The Carina's big advantages are its speed, suit capacity, large amount of starting meds and one of the few ships to start with a spacepod, it will be advantageous to hit some ruins or points of interest early to gain some valuable items to trade for while its initial position is strong the Carina only starts with a single P.A.C.M.A.N generator to run its equipment and 4 ion thrusters and no initial research capability. It might pay to keep an ear on wide-band to see if any ships run into trouble that you can assist that may also be able to provide some equipment to improve the longevity of your vessel.

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