Osprey-class Exploration Ship

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Sleek and High-tech

A Corporate Wars-era ship still in use today, the Osprey was Nanotrasen's answer to the Syndicate's mighty Starfury battlecruisers. It boasted an integrated artillery beam to destroy large vessels from afar. In the current age, the necessity for these expensive and high upkeep designs has waned, resulting in the majority of these vessels being refitted as relatively comfortable exploratory cruisers, with high tech artillery arrays being repurposed as scientific components and Gunnery AI being reprogrammed to serve a more generalist function.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Osprey is a relatively expensive ship, however it is one of the most well-equipped vessels available for purchase. The Osprey comes with a fully stocked science department with all the necessary research boards available as well as room for a robotics bay, with a positronic brain and AI core ready to go! Other departments have not been neglected; the Osprey boasts a roomy mining and cargo bay, fully functional cargo department, a stocked medbay, bridge, a bar/eatery and even a custodial closet for all your cleaning needs.

Quick bullet rundown of features and equipment:

  • ORM and Ore Silo included for rock hungry miners
  • Lots of space for scientists and the option of procuring an AI straight away
  • Research is immediately available to be set up
  • Cargo and deliveries included
  • Medbay contains a Sleeper, operating computer and table, tools, wall-mounted defibs, several medkits, outfits and basic chems
  • Bar contains vending machines, alcohol, soda dispenser, fridge stocked with flour and donk pockets
  • Bridge contains a room for HOP and captain with some basic energy weapons
  • Custodian Closet contains basic cleaning equipment and the rail driver
  • Engineering comes with a couple of welder and water tanks as well as standard plasma and oxygen canister dispensers
  • two SMES' are available for power storage however the only power generation provided is a single S.U.P.E.R.P.A.C.M.A.N
  • ships engines boasts 6 plasma thrusters and 6 ion thrusters split evenly either side of the stern of the vessel
  • working disposal system

What Roles?[edit | edit source]

The roles that can be selected aboard the Osprey-class are as follows:

How Should I Pilot This?[edit | edit source]

The strength of the starting load-out of the Osprey should not be ignored giving you freedom to do pretty much whatever you want, however you may want to start immediately thinking of solutions to your power generation before the amount of engines and equipment drain your batteries dry. Try and accrue sufficient research to build better generators with higher quality parts. Also, Decide early on whether you want to make use of your AI as this will necessitate you setting up cameras around the ship so it can see anything or having a deployable shell to be a fancy borg.

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