Kansatsu-class Scout Courier

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Basic Information
Short Name: Kansatsu-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: CSSV)
Crew Size: 7
Size: Medium
Tags: Specialist
Buyable: Yes


The Kansatsu-class is a Cybersun remodel of the old Type-S SolGov Courier, rebuilt for rapid package ferrying and light surveillance operations in the Frontier. While fairly cramped, it excels at its design goals, with rapid surveys, scouting, and espionage flowing from its presence. Syndicate deployments typically include a deployment of 5, with a recommended max of 7. This is broken down into 1 captain, an intelligence officer for coordinating the field agents, an engineer, and 2 field agents. The simplicity of the hull has led to the ship becoming a widespread indicator of Syndicate interest in locations, and some models have found their way into private purchasers' hands.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Commander Yes 1
Intelligence Officer Yes 1
Engineer No 1
Field Agent No 2
Junior Agent No 2

"The Kansatsu is a faithful little ship. I've seen 'em do everything from recce to courier work. That hull is perfect for atmospheric insertions, and I'll be damned if it's not slippery. You give me one of those guys and I'll have agents in place within the week... "
— Attributed to Kai Starburst, Cybersun Executive, October 487 (F.S. 487)


The Kansatsu is a ship born out of convenience and need for the Cybersun Corporation. During the ICW, the syndicate's operations often relied on good intelligence. One purchase of a surplus lot of Type-S Couriers from the Solar Confederation later, and Cybersun had the blueprint for the perfect rapid scouting vessel. Initially inconspicuous (Modern port officials tend to eye any ships of this lineage with suspicion), the Kansatsu was ideally suited to conduct scouting of Nanotrasen assets, deliver agents to the field, and ferry sensitive cargos and information that could not be trusted to third-party handlers.

Having had a successful history, Cybersun continues to produce the design today, with the slick triangle shape often seen landing on Frontier worlds and conducting survey operations.

List of Standard Equipment and Features

  • A Sextuple Ion Engine arrangement provides incredible speed to the Kansatsu, allowing it to maneuver like few other interstellar vessels.
  • Standardized Communications Equipment allows long range communications between agents and the Kansatsu.
  • Stealth equipment is included in the ship's gear stowage, allowing agents to blend into any operational area.
  • Emergency Medical Supplies, as well as a sturdy table in the Crew Quarters (although blueprints refer to it as the Multi-Purpose Room).
  • Accommodations for an Intelligence Officer to join your crew! Keep them safe and they will keep you aware.
  • A Kansatsu is lacking in armament. Agents are advised to avoid confrontations.


Icon Name Type Slots
File:Cybersun cap icon.png Captain Captain 1
File:Cybersun hop icon.png Intelligence Officer Head of Personnel 1
File:Cybersun engi icon.png Engineer Ship Engineer 1
File:Suns miner icon.png Field Agent Miner 2
File:Suns assist icon.png Junior Agent Assistant 2


The Kansatau is an unique ship in that it's designed for spying; this leaves it without a direct gameplay loop, which leaves it quite roleplay reliant, and can excuse some very light antagonistic behavior (When in doubt about the validity of your actions, adminhelp!). It also leaves it quite lacking in many aspects, such as medical. As a gimmicky ship, it works best when one has an gimmick in mind. If you can't think of any, here are a few:

  • Secure Syndicate/NanoTransen secret documents
  • Secure important technology for Cybersun
  • Survey and document planets/ruins of interest to the Syndicate
  • Offer spying contracts (at your own risk)
  • Send an agent onboard another ship to photograph their ship and crew (at your own risk)
  • Pretend to be other ships and people on the outpost.
  • Keep tabs on other syndicates in the area