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The Delta-class is of historical importance, being Nanotrasen's first ship design that saw widespread usage. Earlier models of the Delta-class were used primarily as CentCom Recovery vessels. However, many of these "First Generation" designs were left to gather dust as abandoned derelicts. The modern Delta-class Frigate retains a similar floor-plan to earlier iterations, but is now primarily equipped as a highly specialized research vessel. Boasting an AI core, robotics lab, and a minebot bay, it is a strong choice for any who know how to work with silicons.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Delta-class comes standard with a minebot bay and robotics labs encouraging you to make use of these to manage your workload, In addition you have the option of activating an AI to help manage your fleet of autonomous vehicles. Easy access to research and manufacturing makes this ship ideal for those who like to mass produce robots, cyborgs or even mechs.

Quick bullet-point rundown of features:

  • Small med-bay coming standard with MMIs for easy brain transfer to an AI core or Borg
  • Cargo Bay with protolathe, circuit printer, mech and cyborg charger, exosuit fabricators and robotics vendor
  • Unique external feed ORM for easy ore collection
  • Minebot bay containing several minebots
  • AI core available for use
  • RnD ready

What Roles?[edit | edit source]

The roles that can be selected aboard the Delta-class are as follows:

How Should I Pilot This?[edit | edit source]

The Delta has one specialty that it heavily focuses on, robotics and automation. Read up on your minebot manual and set them to work immediately collecting ore so you can start printing parts and doing research. As with most vessels your initial power output likely won't be enough to contain your ambitions. Your research materials and fabricator will likely be a big bargaining chip with lower tech vessels that you can also use to trade for research-able items and materials should your vessel fail to accrue enough.

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