Shetland-class Multipurpose Frigate

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The Shetland.

The Shetland-class General Purpose Large Frigate has become ubiquitous across the frontier thanks to its reliability and high modularity. A Shetland can be modified to fill virtually any role in a fleet setting. The stock Shetland features a good supply of equipment for general operations.

Supposed reports of crewmates "behaving uncharacteristically" and slaughtering other crewmates are blamed on alleged defects with the on-board atmospherics mixing and filtration system, which so far have remained unsubstantiated.


The Shetland's in-lore ubiquity is satisfyingly ludonarratively harmonic- you'll be seeing a lot of this map, due to it having just a bit of anything and everything. Highlights:

  • A cargo console, for ordering things. Ordering things from cargo has, in fact, always worked, and you have never been able to sell crewmates*.
  • Medical facilities are about as good as it gets, including an actual surgical table, and a loaded sleeper. There's also an entire medical hardsuit! Isolation room was removed because "people were being locked into it for no reason too much".
  • Ore-smelting and storage facilities typically considered standard of ships in these parts, as it's otherwise a bitch to get more fuel for those generators.
  • Generators alone provide all of the Shetland's power, but luckily, there's a lot of them, and plenty round-start fuel.
  • Usually, you aren't going to be running out of air, but if you somehow manage this, the Shetland's Atmospherics room is fully decked with oxygen, nitrogen, and mix tanks. There's also an RPD, a surprisingly rare luxury around these parts.
  • Several large, spacious, empty rooms, intended to be used for basically whatever you want. Spacepod garage, RnD room, a secondary bar in case the cafeteria wasn't enough, seriously, anything.

Crew Capacities

The crew that can be typically found aboard a Cricket-class are as follows:

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