Caravan-class Modular ship

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Basic Information
Short Name: Caravan-class
Manufacturer: Unknown
Faction: Unspecified (Prefix: ISV)
Crew Size: 6
Size: Medium
Tags: Generalist, Engineering
Buyable: Yes


The Caravan is a relatively new freighter pattern, designed around a modular pod system that enables the ship to serve in a variety of roles beyond simple transportation. These pods are designed around a quick-release mechanism that allows the main hull to bluespace jump in, detach the pods, and load a new set of empty Caravan-type pods in a matter of minutes. While impressive in theory, the lack of empty compatible cargo pods in Frontier space renders the quick-detach system useless. Additionally, the modular attachment system is prone to wear and tear, necessitating more frequent and costly maintenance than other freighters. Despite these shortcomings, the Caravan has still earned a reputation as a versatile platform for a variety of missions. The main hull features a robust power pack and respectable crew accommodations, and most examples on the Frontier carry pods loaded for mining and survey duties.

Preview Name Officer Slots
Captain Yes 1
Ship's Doctor No 1
Engine Technician No 1
Asteroid Miner No 1
Fauna Researcher No 1
Assistant No 1

The Caravan-Class Modular Ship is neatly split into four different modules: The Bridge, Mining, Medical, and the Engine Room.

The ship has six Ion Engines

The ship has a pet space cat named Felicette.

Despite the description, there isn't actually a way to remove and add modules to the ship unless you do so one tile at a time. Although the main hallway is sealed with glass, the areas between the modules are not airtight and it's recommended to fill them in using the shuttle expansion permit if you want more space. This ship is good for a moderate sized crew with plenty of space for engineering projects (such as filling in the empty space between the modules) and has an R&D server in the medical module and an Ore Redemption Machine. As for weapons it has a .38 derringer and .38 detective special in the captain's locker and a kinetic crusher in the mining bay.


Icon Name Type Slots
Captain Captain 1
Ship's Doctor Medical Doctor 1
Engine Technician Ship Engineer 1
Asteroid Miner Shaft Miner 1
Fauna Researcher Scientist 1
Assistant Assistants 1